Airfal in DIALux

Airfal is now in DIALux to facilitate the incorporation of their luminaires to projects.

DIALux is a well-known and powerful international program of lighting calculation that allows a comprehensive project of lighting taking into account national and international standards.

It is developed by professionals in the world of lighting and more than 350,000 users worldwide who know to appreciate the intuitive application and virtual representations of projects, in addition to the technical perfection and the availability of continuously updated data for planning. In fulfilment of the minimum values specified in lighting we put at your disposal our luminaires plug-in database, adapted to the DIALux program.

New luminaires plug-in adapted to the DIALux program.

Download the

The plug-in contains technical information and photometry data of all our lighting fixtures. Define the parameters required by your project and propose the products which better adapt, or you can perform a search by model.