Atades Huesca receives 2% of Airfal’s profits

Airfal donates 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca. This action, framed in the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the company, will serve to reform in part the Manuel Artero residence of the Foundation.

This center is the largest that Atades Huesca has and within its premises it houses not only This residence, but also has a protected apartment building as well as an assisted resistance. The 2% of the benefit of Airfal complements the subsidies of the Provincial Delegation of Huesca and the own funds of the Foundation, to carry out the works.

Airfal has been collaborating with Atades Huesca for years, when an occupational workshop was set up in its center where the users of the Foundation set up some of the top selling  luminaries models of the company. This is one of the 9 centers that carry out this practice.

Although the occupational workshop has been working for many years, it is in 2011 when Airfal decides to go one step further and begins to donate 2% of its profits to this foundation. Since that year, it has collaborated with the creation of a multi-sensory space, a room for the treatment of residents, as well as the construction of a therapeutic pool, among other projects.

The CSR at Airfal

Airfal has a Corporate Social Responsibility Program that is developed and extended each year and focuses on the labor insertion of people with intellectual disabilities. Almost since the opening of Airfal more than 30 years ago, the company has opted for the insertion of this group with the creation of occupational workshops in different foundations in Aragon where the luminaires of the company are assembled, as well as the establishment of a Workshop Occupational and occupational Enclave in its own facilities.

Occupational Therapy contributes to independence and to achieving the highest quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. It provides a job training that facilitates the development of skills, habits and work skills, in order to achieve the balance between the individual and the job. It provides people with intellectual disabilities with a significant routine that favors their sense of efficiency and pride in the execution of activities with purpose and with it their personal competence and development, as well as to curb possible damages caused by the age in some cases of inactivity. All this contributes to a lower social expenditure as it reduces the ingestion of some drugs and hospital admissions.

Always advancing

At Airfal there is a strong conviction that CSR is a beneficial practice not only for the foundations with which it collaborates, but also it brings many benefits to the company that carries it out, since it generates a sense of pride and belonging to The entire staff, in addition to the economic benefits that are also important. That is why Airfal is working on the dissemination of the benefits of integrating CSR in company policy with the assistance of forums and roundtables such as last May 11 in the II Conference “CSR, total management and sustainable profitability” Organized by Ibercaja Social.

In recognition of this social work, last April Airfal was awarded the “Aragón, Empresa y Futuro” Award in the category of Social Responsibility, delivered by Heraldo de Aragón and Ibercaja. Also, the company has the RSA Seal of the Government of Aragon.

In the last year, Airfal has renewed its commitment to the Solidar Foundation and receives, for the second consecutive year, the Two Star Merit Certificate. On the other hand, the company has adhered to the Global Compact, a United Nations instrument that seeks social dialogue and the creation of a global corporate citizenship that reconciles the values ​​of the company with the values ​​and demands of civil society. In addition, Airfal has published its report on Corporate Social Responsibility in five languages ​​adapted to the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative.