Farm luminaire: the latest addition to our range of light fixtures

Airfal International is introducing a new luminaire, named Farm and specifically designed for the agricultural sector.   Farm is a waterproof lighting fixture featuring an IP68 protection rating and is also shock resistant thanks to an IK10 index. The Farm luminaire is suitable for providing lighting in greenhouses, farms and nurseries.

Airfal International is introducing a new luminaire designed for farming areas.   Farm is a waterproof luminaire featuring a high index of impact resistance (IK10) and an IP68 protection rating.

The model features a waterproof methacrylate body, 5 mm thick, and an aluminium reflector. The end caps are made of stainless steel and are sealed with waterproof screws, which allows the luminaire to withstand accidental immersion. Its body in methacrylate and the position of the caps on both ends, allow it to resist accidental impacts or acts of vandalism.

The Farm luminaire is available for T5 and T8 lamps and can operate between -20 ° and 50 ° C depending on the power supplied, but also with quality LED tubes. The range of power offered by this luminaire varies between 18W and 80W and it is available with electronic or adjustable ballast. It also enables to set up a connexion system in a continuous line for added ease of installation.

A luminaire designed to illuminate farming areas and farms.

The Farm luminaire has been developed by Airfal’s R&D department to provide efficient lighting for farms and livestock areas, as well as greenhouses and nurseries, which require robust, waterproof and vandal-resistant fixtures. Livestock areas are exposed to high potential pollution from gas emissions, and are subject to climatic risks and accidental impacts.   The Farm luminaire can be suspended from the ceiling and positioned at the desired height, providing flexible and quality lighting.

Although specifically designed for agricultural and pastoral areas, this luminaire is suitable for many other applications, thanks to its versatility and the quality of its materials. It can be installed for use in warehouses and loading and unloading areas, but also on industrial sites and factories using open-air production systems. It is also ideally suited to illuminate public locations such as car parks, subway stations or tunnels, as well as swimming pools, gymnasiums and thermal baths.

The Farm luminaire is suitable for high temperatures

The high temperature version of the Farm luminaire is suitable for extreme temperatures.  The laboratory certification for this special version reaches even + 80 ° C, although the Farm housing varies slightly, including a high-strength steel interior chassis.

 Lighting with high technical specifications

For many years, Airfal has been dedicated to design lighting solutions with high technical specifications, firmly committing itself to quality products, differentiated and adapted to meet the needs of our clients. This strategic decision implies the setting-up of an R+D+i department in permanent training, in order to master the latest technologies and market developments.