New Frozen Light light fixture

Airfal International is expanding its range of luminaires with high technical specifications and launches Frozen, a luminaire suitable for extreme temperatures. This model is specially designed for freezing and deep-freezing areas, with IK07 and IP68-2 protection.

Airfal International is completing its range of light fixtures for extreme temperatures with the new model Frozen, a special waterproof luminaire manufactured in the Airfal laboratories whose name is related to  its application: it is suitable for installation in very low areas Temperatures.

The Frozen model has a 5 mm thick borosilicate glass body and an internal structure with a galvanized steel frame. It has two G9 halogen lamps that reaches 40W and a class I insulation with metal cable glands. The end caps are made of stainless steel and the seal is made of silicone.

This new Airfal luminaire  features IP68-2 protection, providing complete protection against dust and water penetration in prolonged immersion. Thanks to the materials it is made of, it is resistant to shocks with a degree of protection IK07.

The Frozen luminaire was designed to be installed in freezing areas where the temperature can reach -50 ° C, while the minimum temperature of handling or assembly / disassembly is -25 ° C. It is perfectly suitable for cold rooms, refrigerated trucks or food industries.

This model was created to meet the demand of our customers in search of a quality luminaire operating at low temperatures. After months of research and testing carried out by the Airfal R & D department, thanks to a highly qualified team, the Frozen model is now launched on the national and international market.

 Luminaires for extreme temperatures

This luminaire complements the range of Airfal luminaires for extreme temperatures, including models for high temperatures TR2, TR3, Rinox or Oven. The latter, Oven, designed in the Airfal laboratory, belongs to the family of waterproof luminaires and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200 ° C with aprotection factor IP68 and IK07. One of the most remarkable attributes of this luminaire is that it works directly with the mains voltage. This model was very successful in the European market after its presentation at the last edition of the Light & Building in Frankfurt.

The TR2 high temperature is a luminaire madeof two bodies connected by a thermal cable that separates the electromagnetic equipment and two fluorescent tubes, which can be 2x36W or 2x58W, and withstand temperatures up to 80 ° C.

The Airfal TR3 model is a waterproof tubular design with IP67 and IK07 protection that can operate between -20 and 55 ° C. The Rinox model also has a high degree of watertightness, a strong n impact resistance, and is operating temperature is in the range -20 ° C. to + 50 ° C.

 Waterproof light fixtures

Airfal International has a wide range of waterproof luminaires with a total of 26 models and  a degree of protection that oscillates between IP65 and IP68, such as the Chemical luminaire or the Tunnel, half of them available in LED versions.


In the range of waterproof luminaires, the Supra luminaire h is manufactured entirely by Airfal, and is the best seller of the luminaire range. It is widely used in garages, farms and industrial buildings, but has many other applications.