Airfal will presents its new light fixtures at the LedsEE show

To meet a constantly changing demand, while remaining at the heart of technological innovation, Airfal has launched new waterproof models that incorporate LED technology During the 2nd edition of the show LedsEE, Airfal will present these new light fixtures.

The models presented are:
PEGASO – a light fixture with an opal polycarbonate tube of 100 mm diameter and cable ties IK10 IP68-2 stainless steel for quick-opening. This luminaire is ideally suited to a wide range of applications: interior design, offices, meeting rooms, shops, etc.
Excalibur – a luminaire with an opal polycarbonate tube of 41mm diameter and ABS plastic mounting flange. With its aesthetic, it was designed for lighting of street furniture, bridges, outdoor decorative lighting …
RANGE- this light fixture features a borosilicate diffuser. It is ideal for places where it is mandatory to use materials resistant to chemicals, or resistant to intense cleaning such as laboratories, the food industry …
ORION: a waterproof lighting fixture with an opal polycarbonate 81mm tube diameter, IP67, IK7. Ideal for tree nurseries, fountains, pools, etc.
SILVER: a luminaire with an opal methacrylate body, 5 mm thick, which makes it particularly resistant to impacts and shocks. . It has an index protection of IK10. Its envelope is perfectly adapted to adverse conditions (dust …). Thanks to its excellent sealing, and to a degree of protection IP68, it can be submerged up to 2 meters deep. Tightness, robustness and design. Perfectly fitted for use in the industrial kitchen hoods.
MUSTANG: a vandal resistant luminaire with opal polycarbonate diffuser 3.5mm thick It features a protection IP68-2 and IK10. Stainless steel flanges for quick opening. Stainless plugs with screw cap.
THUNDER: a light fixture with a polycarbonate body that features a thickness of 3.5 mm for an extraordinary resistance to impacts and shocks; this luminaires has protection index of IK10. It has Zamak plated tops and features anti-vandal polycarbonate flanges.

Finally, in addition to these new LED lights, Airfal also offers a new lighting model suitable for use in extreme conditions: the OVEN model. This light fixture is designed to operate in extreme temperatures, up to 200 ° C. Its tubular body made with 5mm thick borosilicate glass has a galvanized steel frame with stainless steel covers and two G9 halogen lamps for oven, featuring a maximum power of 40W, with two stainless steel flanges, for quick opening .

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Ester Ariza Espierrez