Secure: the best selling range of Airfal luminaires

Airfal is the only Spanish company approved to manufacture ATEX lighting, luminaires for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Thanks to this,  Airfal a leading company in the lighting market, in which it stands out for the quality of its products, and for the fact that its range of light fixtures is 100 % made in spain.

Airfal International has for years been a reference in the world of high technical specification lighting and ATEX, since they are the only manufacturers in Spain of this type of light fixtures.  ATEX is an atmosphere that can be potentially explosive due to the presence of potentially flammable gases. The luminaires installed in these areas must comply with strict technical requirements and are subject to constant controls and legal inspections. Among the products offered by Airfal, the Secure range is the most complete and demanded by customers.

Secure light fixture

The Secure luminaire is an ATEX model specifically designed to be installed in ATEX zones 2 and 22, the so-called “spark arresters”. It is suitable for installation in places where potentially explosive gases or dust may appear sporadically and never in a normal service.

This is a “n” model, category 3G and D with an IP68 rating that offers total protection against dust and water penetration in prolonged immersion. It also has an IK10 impact protection, the maximum degree of shock protection that can be applied to a luminaire.

In order to meet customers requirements, Airfal offers the possibility of manufacturing this  luminaire  for fluorescent or  LED tubes, according to the requirement.

Secure LED light fixture

Backed by the  success of the Secure model, Airfal International went a step further and created the Secure with LED modules, the Secure LED luminaire. Using the latest technology in LED modules and with the quality of the Secure luminaire, Airfal has manufactured the only Spanish luminaire with LED modules for ATEX zones.

This new product meets a large market demand, that is looking for a luminaire for ATEX areas where potentially explosive gases or dust may appear, coupled with the latest in LED technology. The LED Secure offers high technical performance, total protection against shock and against moisture and dust.


The features of the Secure and the LED Secure model, its watertightness, its degree of protection IK10 and its marking ATEX, makes it ideal for a multitude of sites. Particularly noteworthy are industrial applications in areas such as loading and unloading warehouses, urban waste treatment depots, vehicle repair shops or inspection pits.

In addition, it can be installed in agricultural areas as large warehouses of machinery or areas of unloading of cereals, an area with large  amounts of dust.

ATEX for Zone 2 and 22

A Zone 2 area is classified as an atmosphere where a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur, will persist for a short period only.

A Zone 22 area is an area in which combustible dust clouds may occur infrequently and persist for only short periods of time or in which accumulations or layers may be present under abnormal conditions.

The Airfal R & D &  Department is already working on the development of a new ATEX model, which is expected to be released by the end of the year. With this new luminaire the Secure family will be extended by the models Pyros, Vitra, Taurus, Minex, Lumex, Flame, Secure and LED Secure.