Airfal’s ATEX high bay triumphs at the Hannover Messe

Airfal International returns from the Hannover industrial fair satisfied with the results obtained and with a clear winner: the ATEX LED MAX  high bay for zone 2, 22. This model stands out for its resistance and versatility since it can be installed as a hood and as an industrial projector.

Airfal commits further with ODS 13

WATEX, a new ATEX luminaire for 2, 22 zones

Airfal International consolidates its position as a specialist in ATEX lighting and launches its new WATEX luminaire, a watertight IP66 and IK08 light fixture for Zone 2, 22, the most common area for explosive atmospheres. This luminaire completes the range of ATEX luminaires for Zone 2, 22 in which we also have the Secure luminaire […]

RSC Airfal

Airfal unveils new corporate Social Responsibility video

Last Friday, November 21st, Airfal released its new corporate video, showing its proudest achievement: Corporate Social Responsibility.

Airfal International donates 115 luminaires to the King Ardid Foundation

Airfal International donates 115 luminaires for the new elderly residence of the Rey Ardid Foundation in Teruel, Spain. The Lighting manufacturer donates one of the latest models included in the catalogue, the Mirror LED luminaire, a residential model designed for almost any application.

The Orion luminaire, a light fixture for museums

Airfal’s Orion luminaire has been chosen for the lighting of the Moshen art gallery in Tehran, one of the most important art galleries in the Iranian capital. A total of 48 units of this model left the Aragonese capital, which have been installed in the exhibition halls and corridors of the gallery.

Airfal luminaires for industrial kitchens

Airfal International presents its range of luminaires specialized in hotel and restaurant spaces. Airfal models for industrial kitchens and cold storage rooms are more resistant to more adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures, constant presence of hydrocarbons or the need for cleaning with corrosive products. 

Lighting solutions for the food and agriculture industries

The choice of lighting in the food industry is often complex, given the particular characteristics of these manufacturing areas. The choice of lighting depends on many factors such as the purpose of the lighting, the temperature of the working area and the layout of the installations.

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Class II, LED and DALI, bad companions

In recent months, customers have been increasingly demanding Class II luminaires with LED modules and standard DALI dimming, which Airfal’s technical department advises against due to the lack of guarantees for their correct operation. To better understand why this is so, it is important to know what a Class II luminaire is.

Luminaries for art

Airfal donates 2% of its annual profits to Atades Huesca. This year the money will go to the”Art and socialisation” project through which users will carry out an experience on artistic creation in collaboration with different Aragonese educational centres. This donation is part of Airfal’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

DALI dimmable Luminaires with Class II LED modules: why it is not recommended to use them

In recent months, customer demand for luminaires with Class II LED modules and with DALI dimmers has increased, something which Airfal’s technical department advises against due to the lack of guarantees for their correct use.

To understand better the situation, it is important to know what a Class II luminaire is.

Class II luminaires are characterised by additional safety measures such as double insulation or reinforced insulation. This type of insulation is mainly intended for manual electrical appliances, where extra insulation is required as they are used by people for many day-to-day activities.

Thanks to this double reinforcement, it is not necessary to use a ground connection when installing luminaires with Class II insulation. They do not depend on space conditions, which means a significant saving of time and, above all, of money when installing them.
However for some electrical appliances and installations it is recommended to use Class II insulation, such as lighting in the interior of a swimming pool. However, the use of Class II is not recommended for luminaires with LED modules and DALI dimming.

The elimination of the grounding of the installation can cause various electronic malfunctions and this implies several drawbacks and for that reason Airfal advises against this practice.
In the case of luminaires with LED modules, the reduction of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) cannot be guaranteed by suppressing the earth connection, so it is not possible to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements. On the other hand, the grounding of LED luminaires ensures that the phenomenon of “LED GLOWING” or ghost lights does not occur. This phenomenon occurs when the luminaire with LED modules continues to emit a residual light when switched off or on standby. In the case of Class II luminaires, it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no “LED GLOWING”.

On the other hand, in the case of transients or voltage/current peaks in the power supply network, the presence of grounding causes the filters of the LED drivers to act by reducing or eliminating them. Without the presence of an earth ground connectionn (Class II), any transient will pass through the driver and reach the LEDs, shortening their life span or even destroying them.
We see in this graph a simple explanation, being the left part without grounding, and the right part with grounding:

On the right-hand side with earth connection the transient arrives much more damped than on the left-hand side without earth connection.

In the case of Class II DALI luminaires, it must be explained that DALI drivers are very sophisticated devices controlled by a small internal computer. The control and regulation of the LEDs is carried out under the supervision of a software integrated in the driver microprocessor.
For the correct operation of these devices, the computer that incorporates it needs to “measure” the reference potential 0. Without grounding, the measurement may be inaccurate, and the dimming may fail or have uncontrolled random effects (Current differences between luminaires, synchronism faults…). We can find cases of correct operation in which regulation problems may appear after some time.

In addition, the standard governing a DALI installation (IEC 62386) specifically specifies the need to have an earth connection to protect the control circuits and drivers, as shown in the following figures:

As stated at the beginning of the article, the lack of guarantees for quality, uninterrupted lighting is the main reason why the installation of Class II, LEDs and DALI dimming is not recommended.

Quality office lighting: 5 criteria to take into account

There can be no quality office lighting without a lighting project, as it will determine the photometric characteristics of the installation.

In particular, the average lighting level to be maintained depends on the use and people. For example, lighting levels for older people are not the same as the ones for younger people.
Quality office lighting will maintain its performance over time. Today, the evolution cycles of buildings and their uses are faster.

Lighting must therefore be able to meet the needs of these different developments. For example, a lighting system that can be upgraded – which can be used in English – will be able to be connected later, even if it was not connected when it was installed. In fact, quality lighting will be achieved through LED sources. T8 and even T5 fluorescent tubes are no longer relevant.

Modern lighting

Finally, quality lighting is also modern lighting. Thus, LED sources allow innovative product designs compared to historical sources. Through the lighting, it is the image of the company that is conveyed, because it fulfills a decorative function beyond the functional aspects.

Advantages of quality office lighting

1 – No visual discomfort

First of all, thanks to the absence of visual discomfort, quality office lighting will enable users to perform the tasks assigned to them in an efficient manner. It is thanks to an appropriate lighting level and limited glare that photometric performance will be achieved.

2 – Employee well-being

Secondly, because lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere in work areas, it will contribute to the well-being of employees.

3 – Appropriation of space

Personalisation of lighting will be part of the work space of staff. With little cost, modern, high-quality lighting allows workers to really take over the space, because they will be able to adapt the lighting service to their needs. Benefiting from an adapted and comfortable working environment, employees will be even more efficient.

4 – Positive image of the company

A positive image of the company is also one of the advantages of quality lighting. With LED and automatic management systems, the company will provide an updates image. For example, by controlling the presence in offices and daylight, it will give a modern look.

5 -Energy and maintenance savings

Finally, quality lighting saves energy and maintenance. These savings are a benefit that results from a well run lighting project. However, they should not be an objective in themselves.

Airfal designs a special luminaire for work areas and work places

Airfal International has recently launched  a new  luminaire for work areas. This light fixture, the MODULAR luminaire, combines a classic design with cutting-edge technology, achieving a high visual comfort. The Modular luminaire is ideal for offices, shopping centers and supermarkets.

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Airfal sheds light on Kuwait’s MotorTown

Airfal International will light up Kuwait’s MotorTown circuit for Formula 1 and MotoGP. The luminiare Piston ECO, manufactured entirely in Airfal premises, has been chosen to illuminate part of this great Kuwaiti project. This operation is not the only one carried out by Airfal in the Middle East, since this area represents an important market share of the Company activities.
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Logix, the new Airfal luminaire for industry and retail

Airfal International ha desarrollado un nuevo producto creado específicamente para cubrir las necesidades de las grandes industrias y el sector retail. El modelo LOGIX dispone de distintas ópticas, gracias a las cuales, ofrece la máxima iluminación desde alturas elevadas. LOGIX se presentará al mercado nacional en la feria EFICAM de Madrid, los días 11 y […]

Airfal ATEX luminaires seized the public’s attention in the Light and Building fair

Airfal International doubles the number of visits at its Light & Building stand, which was held between March 18 and 23 in Frankfurt. Its range of ATEX light fixture has been the protagonist of this edition of the fair and its new LED industrial range of luminaires for large installations have also aroused much interest.

Airfal receives the Certificate of Approved Exporter of Origin

Airfal International obtains the Certificates of Approved Exporter of Origin granted by the State Tax Agency and the recently created REX Registry at a European level. This not only facilitates exports, with less bureaucracy, but also gives a state guarantee to buyers that both the company and the goods meet stringent quality requirements and certifications.
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Airfal will focus on ATEX lighting at the Light & Building 2018

Airfal International will attend the Light & Building trade show in Frankfurt, the most important lighting fair in the sector, which will be held between March 18 and 23. Airfal will take advantage of this event to launch its new catalog with a much more industrial and intuitive design, in which the ATEX range has grown significantly with six new luminaires for explosive atmospheres. Airfal  will attend you on their  booth located in Hall 3.1 B79. Read more

Airfal strengthens its presence in the Middle East

The Export Department of Airfal went back from the Light Middle East fair in Dubai with very good numbers of visits and established contacts. The company valued very positively its presence in the trade show that was held on 17, 18 and 19 October.
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Airfal International goes to the Light Middle East fair in Dubai

Airfal International returns to the Light Middle East fair to showcase its innovations this year and meet again with customers in the area. The trade faire, one  the most important on the market, is held on 17, 18 and 19 October in Dubai and will bring together some 350 lighting companies from around the world. Airfal will be located on stand S2-G34.

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New products, new designs and new strategy at the Airfal Sales Convention

Airfal International has gathered its national sales network to present  this year’s new developments, among which is the launch of the new division of Projects and Large Accounts. Likewise, the representatives have discovered the products on which the R & D department is currently working and that will be launched in the coming months, among other innovations.  

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Healthcare lighting and lighting for hospital or clinic patient rooms

healthcare lightingThe hospital environment has very specific lighting requirements. Optimum conditions must be ensured by meeting multiple expectations: for doctors and nursing staff, lighting must be able to work in good conditions. For patients, it is the atmosphere that counts, and the need to create an ambient that inspires well-being. Read more

Street lighting: nearly 73 million units installed in 2026

Worldwide, the number of intelligent lights used for street lighting could reach 73 million in 2026, compared to 6.3 million in 2017.

These figures were published by Navigant Research in its new Smart Street Lighting for Smart Cities report. This study analyzes the evolution of smart technologies in street lighting and provides a forecast for their development and diffusion in the future. Read more

Certification of ATEX lighting: interview with Carlos Jiménez

ATEX lighting is very complex and still unrecognized by many industry professionals around the world. In the previous articles, we have analyzed what ATEX lighting is and why it is necessary to distinguish it from flameproof lighting.

Airfal is the only Spanish company certified to manufacture this type of lighting and to understand why it is so complex to certify this type of product, we interviewed Carlos Jiménez, director of Airfal’s R + D + i.

Carlos explains the process that follows an ATEX luminaire from the “first draft”bto its introduction on the market.

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Raúl Alegre, appointed new key account manager – Airfal

As part of the ongoing efforts of strengthening our customer relations, Airfal has decided to bolster the sales department by appointing since july 15th Raúl Alegre as our new Key Account and Large Projects Manager for the home market. Our company thus inaugurates its new Projects division.

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Lighting for refrigerated areas and cold rooms

Given the growing demand for fresh products, the need for refrigerated space is increasing in logistics centers and supermarkets. Appropriate lighting is essential in refrigerated warehouses because it helps to preserve the quality of stored food and helps employees to perform their work safely. Effective lighting must also take into account optimization of capital investment and maintenance costs. Read more

Airfal participates in Interlumi fair in Panama

Airfal International participates for the first time in the Interlumi fair of Panama, to be held between June 29 and July 1 at the ATLPA Convention Center in Panama City. This fair is an entry gate to the market of America, Caribbean and Latin America, and is part of the strategic plan of the company to settle in the Latin American market.  Read more

Farm luminaire: the latest addition to our range of light fixtures

Airfal International is introducing a new luminaire, named Farm and specifically designed for the agricultural sector.   Farm is a waterproof lighting fixture featuring an IP68 protection rating and is also shock resistant thanks to an IK10 index. The Farm luminaire is suitable for providing lighting in greenhouses, farms and nurseries.

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Airfal summer hours changes

One more year and within the WORK-HOME BALANCE AND SERVICE PLAN, which allow the balance between the work life and the personal life of our team, we change the work schedule during the summer.

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Atades Huesca receives 2% of Airfal’s profits

Airfal donates 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca. This action, framed in the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the company, will serve to reform in part the Manuel Artero residence of the Foundation.
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Lighting solutions for tunnels

Lighting in tunnels is very important as well as complex because it is not only a question of illuminating a space, but it is also necessary to provide security and visibility to a transit zone. In addition, it is necessary to take into consideration the humidity that is usually concentrated in the environment, the type of vehicles that are going to circulate through the tunnel, whether it is road or railway, as well as the length of the tunnel. Therefore, not any luminaire is suitable for these installations.

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Airfal receives the Aragón Enterprise and Future Award regarding Social Responsibility

On April 6th, Airfal Interrnational received the Responsible Company award, for which the company was finalist along with two other companies, Eboca Vending and DKV.
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Airfal participates in the EFICAM trade show

Airfal will be present at the second edition of the EFICAM trade show, on 9 and 10 March in Madrid. From its booth E10-E12, Airfal will show its latest solutions in ATEX and high technical specification. In addition,  the head of R & D + of Airfal will give a technical talk about ATEX lighting and solutions for extreme conditions.

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Secure: the best selling range of Airfal luminaires

Airfal is the only Spanish company approved to manufacture ATEX lighting, luminaires for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Thanks to this,  Airfal a leading company in the lighting market, in which it stands out for the quality of its products, and for the fact that its range of light fixtures is 100 % made in spain.

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ATEX and Explosion-proof luminaires: why they are different

In many cases the terms ATEX and Explosion-proof are confused and according to many, they have the same meaning,  but this is far from being true.  reality. In addition, this error can lead to dangerous situations, and manufacturers and installers have a great responsability, so it is necessary to make the relevant distinctions.

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Airfal brings light to New Pull & Bear Stores

The Pull & Bear clothing chain, belonging to the large Inditex group, lights up part of its stores with Airfal’s TR3 luminaire. The new premises, which have changed their image, focus on open spaces and fature increased luminosity in all over the shop. Read more

New Frozen Light light fixture

Airfal International is expanding its range of luminaires with high technical specifications and launches Frozen, a luminaire suitable for extreme temperatures. This model is specially designed for freezing and deep-freezing areas, with IK07 and IP68-2 protection. Read more

Airfal migrates CSR Report over to G4

Airfal International is updating its Corporate Social Responsibility Report and migrating over to the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. Airfal is a member of this independent international community that sets standards for corporate responsibility reports around the world. This document reports on all past, present and future actions in the field of CSR, both at the company and further afield.

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Airfal participates in the Light Middle East trade fair

Airfal International is about to to Dubai to participate in Light Middle East 2016, the largest lighting fair in the Middle East, which will be held on October 31, 1 and 2 November. Many manufacturers of light fixtures are participating in this event to showcase their latest developments and new products.

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Lighting in commercial spaces

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a business, be it large or small. The lighting says much of our business and is essential part of the image of brand that we want to project, mostly in large establishments, that even count with protocols and lighting decalogues to unify all their stores.

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Aranzadi Park wins the 2016 AZ Awards

The Aranzadi Park has won the 2016 AZ Awards who is granted by the design magazine Azure. The Aranzadi Park, projected by Aldayjover Architects, receives the award to  the Best Temporary Architecture.

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Airfal receives the Solidar Two Star Merit Certificate

The Foundation Virgen del Pueyo held the second installment of Solidar Certificates from the Association of Solidarity Businesses of Aragon (Solidar). A total of 16 companies of Aragon were recognized with this distinction in a ceremony which was attended by the Director Provincial and Managing Director of the INAEM.

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Airfal summer schedules changes

One more year and within the WORK-HOME BALANCE AND SERVICE PLAN, which allow the balance between the work life and the personal life of our team, we change the work schedule during the summer.
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Airfal is giving away 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca

This year, Airfal will fund a multi sensory area in the assisted living center Manuel Artero of Atades Huesca, giving 2% of its 2015 profits. This action is part of the Airfal  Social Responsibility Plan, which includes other actions such as the creation of work enclaves within its facilities. Read more

Airfal launches the Piston Eco Waterproof luminaire

Airfal International sends to the market its new luminaire Piston Eco, a waterproof model with IK07, manufactured in Airfal and that counts with LED modules of the latest generation. This model is perfect to be installed in humid areas and outdoors.

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Airfal returns from Light + Building 2016 extremely satisfied

Once again Airfal International attended Light + Building in Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. The company from Aragon returned home feeling extremely satisfied with the results achieved. Thanks to the attractiveness of their catalogue and prime location in the trade fair, this year they have seen an increase in the number of visitors to their stand.

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Airfal increases sales by 15% in Spain and consolidates its fourth year of growth

Airfal has grown for the fourth consecutive year, increasing its sales in Spain. Turnover figures for 2015 rose by 15% compared to the previous year, reaffirming an upward sales trend at a national level. Airfal has a sales network of 19 official distributors across the entire country, bringing light fittings made in the Aragon region to all corners of Spain.
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Airfal will be showing at the Light&Building Exhibition 2016.

Airfal International S.L., the light fittings manufacturer will be showing at the Light&Building trade fair in Frankfurt. For this edition, Airfal will be making a major commitment to LED lighting, but will also be showing the latest additions to its catalogue, such as the Supra model as well as the most important ATEX models.

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Airfal adapts its TR2 for high temperatures and doubles its power

The lighting manufacturing company from Aragon in Spain has made some improvements to its TR2 waterproof model, in terms of both increasing its power as well as being able to withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. Customer demand for the product, as well as Airfal’s ability to create and customise its lighting, have made the new version of the TR2 a possibility, and it is perfect for industrial extractor hoods.
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Airfal receives Seal of Business Excellence

The Aragones company Airfal International SL has been awarded the Seal of Excellence Aragon Empresa at the Ceremony of Excellence 2015, which took place on Thursday, November 5 at the Palacio de Congresos of Zaragoza.
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Airfal International: growth and new production capacity

The Aragonese company, which celebrates its 30 th anniversary, plans to increase its turnover by 11% this year, thanks to the increase of its production capacity. Today Airfal fully manufactures some of its lighting fixtures, focusing on producing its luminaires locally.

Thanks to a  strong growth, the manufacturer of luminaires Airfal plans to hire new employees to meet the exponential increase of  its turnover.

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Airfal International launches the new 2015 catalog

Due to celebration of the 30th anniversary , Airfal has launched the 2015 catalog of luminaries.

The steady growth of sales in the Spanish and international markets has been propelled by the launch of new watertight luminaries, as well as new ATEX light fixtures, and a range of LED luminaries to remain at the cutting edge of technical and functional innovation. Read more

Airfal donates part of its profits to Atades Huesca

Airfal continues to donate 2% of its profits to the entity Atades Huesca. Atades Huesca is a non-profit organization declared of public utility.

Its main objective is to promote, encourage and support all kinds of actions aimed at improving the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in the province of Huesca in different areas Read more

Airfal will presents its new light fixtures at the LedsEE show

To meet a constantly changing demand, while remaining at the heart of technological innovation, Airfal has launched new waterproof models that incorporate LED technology During the 2nd edition of the show LedsEE, Airfal will present these new light fixtures.

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Airfal International at the 2015 SLO Electricity Trade Fair in Lithuania

Airfal will be present, in the 10 th edition of SLO Electricity, the fair dedicated to the electrical industry, which will take place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on march 20th, 2015.
In SLO Electricity , more than 50 manufacturers, the world‘s market leaders, will introduce their products, and present the latest trends and technologies. Read more

Airfal: 30 years of proven success in the lighting industry

After all these years trying to do our best and to improve every day, today Airfal is  an experienced company, but still with a young spirit.  The key to our business success is to have the right people willing to learn and improve our products

It has been many years since Fernando Ariza founded the family business. He began his foray into the world of lighting on  March 14th , 1985 with a single model: MODEL 1; this decorative aluminum light fixture  is still in our catalog together with hundreds of references. Our  portfolio of products has expanded and developed to meet our customers requirements. Read more

Airfal International at the ELA 2015 in Mexico DF

At booth number 938 in the Expo Lighting America in Mexico DF Airfal will present their products next February 25th, 26th and 27th.

This presence is due to sales growth of the company in LATAM markets where technology and high technical specifications are in high demand and where quality is increasingly requires in lighting projects.

More info:

Airfal receives the EFQM Excellence Award 2014

The Aragon Institute of Development, in charge of the implementation model for achieving organisational excellence held the annual competition where organizations compete for the Award of Excellence.
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Airfal International at the Interlight Moscow Exhibition 2014

Airfal international will attend this year’s Interlight Moscow Fair, Russia, organized by Messe Frankfurt.

Airfal will present the very best of high tech luminaries, designed for reliable use in extreme conditions, as well as explosion-proof light fixtures. Airfal has many years of experience in that field, and has also earned several certifications such as the Gost certification for the Russian market. Read more

Rinox: a new watertight lighting fixture, highly resistant, by Airfal

A new waterproof light fixture has now been added to the Airfal range of luminaires: the RINOX model; This light fixture is impact protected to IK10 protection index, thanks to its tubular body, made of 3.5mm thick UV protective polycarbonate.

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Airfal in DIALux

Airfal is now in DIALux to facilitate the incorporation of their luminaires to projects.

DIALux is a well-known and powerful international program of lighting calculation that allows a comprehensive project of lighting taking into account national and international standards. Read more

Airfal participes in LEDsEE, the 1st Forum of Lighting and Energy Efficiency

LEDsEE , the First Forum of Lighting and Energy Efficiency will take place in Madrid, on june 11th and 12th 2014. LEDsEE will be a meeting point for businesses, professionals and end users interested in the new trends in lighting. Read more

Airfal launches the new 2014 catalogue of luminaires

Airfal is delighted to launch a brand new catalogue for 2014, on may 1st.
This catalogue showcases our different ranges of luminaires, with a very contemporary look, and numerous pictures displaying examples of different lighting projects undertaken by the company.  Read more

Airfal at Light & Building 2014: launch of more energy efficient products

Airfal decided once again to be part of an important lighting show, Light & Building 2014, which took place last March in Frankfurt . The Spanish company has been exhibiting since the first edition of Light & Building 2014. Read more

LuxLED, a waterproof luminaire based on LED technology

Constantly looking to the future and focusing on innovation Airfal present a new light fitting called LuxLED. This watertight LED luminaire delivers highly efficient light coupled with energy savings and modern design. Read more

New lighting project: the stadium in Torrelavega

This project , conducted by the Mmiarquitectura Architecture Studio , won the First prize in a national competition of ideas. The front of building is lightened with Model M IP65 waterproof  by Airfal. Read more

Airfal launches new website and corporate video

In the last few weeks, Airfal International has released a new corporate video in three languages, ​​and a new website.
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Cylindric and Cylindric+, two new decorative residential light fitting

Airfal continues to expand its range, this time with two new decorative light fittings for residential use.
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Airfal International´s new catalogue of watertight and ATEX light fitting

Airfal´s new watertight and flame-retardant light fitting catalogue presents all of the products in both of these families,  Read more

Airfal International opens branch in France.

oct-2012Airfal International opens branch in France. Airfal opens new branch in France to continue securing its international projection. After the constant international sales growth, especially in France, Airfal has decided to settle in the neighbor country and open a new branch in the known business area of Opera, in Paris, in the 59 Rue de Petits Champs. This way pretends to continue to increase its sales in the French market and be able to offer a better and more personalized service.