Tunnel lighting

túnel-bielsaThe primary objectives of tunnel lighting is to ensure traffic safety by illuminating all important objects during the journey of vehicles, and to improve visibility and comfort. Proper lighting in road tunnels will ensure that traffic can enter, pass through and leave the tunnel with a great level of safety. These aims are achieved by the adequate illumination of the tunnel interior, which allows drivers to quickly adjust to the light within, identify possible obstacles, and manage to leave the tunnel without reducing speed.

For that purpose, it is compulsory that the carriageway and the tunnel walls give a clear picture of the road. The road markings and stripes should also be visible, and tunnel lighting should ensure that objects on the road are visible at a sufficient distance.

Lighting must then ensure an adequate luminance level on the road, throughout the tunnel, and that luminance ha to be distributed uniformly on the road, in wet or in dry conditions. The lighting should not give rise to glare. Read more

Lighting for the food processing industry

lighting food proecessingLighting in food processing facilities has its own specific lighting constraints. Some areas of critical production require specifically designed lighting solutions and light fixtures. Food processing and preparation areas are extremely critical environments. High visibility, and also well-distributed lighting is required in all food processing industries

Industry standards and regulations have very stringent requirements, which mean lighting for the food processing industry must meet particularly demanding criteria. The lighting fixtures must withstand rigorous cleaning protocols and also support extreme high and low temperatures. Read more

Lighting in parking lots and car parks

A well-lighted parking lot is a key pointlighting car park for a shopping center or a building. Well-lighted car parks do attract customers, improve traffic, as well as the safety of pedestrians. A parking lot that lacks efficient lighting may result in wasted energy, low pedestrian security, and less attractiveness, which may affect your commercial results. For these reasons, choosing the right light fixtures will result in positive effects for any parking lot.

A number of issues can arise in car park lighting applications, such as light loss that occurs due to lamp depreciation and the usual wear of the components of the light fixture. Light loss can also take place when external elements such as dirt and moisture break into into the housing and accumulate on surfaces of the light fitting, which may result in lower light efficiency. Another common issue in lighting of parking lots is related to light distribution. A luminaire’s vertical and lateral light distribution can affect the quality of the lighting installation of the car park. For instance, horizontal and vertical illuminances which are below recommended practices may reduce the visibility of approaching vehicles or pedestrians. Horizontal illuminance uniformity is important in parking lots for both comfort and safety reasons, and you will have to select the appropriate luminaire based on the required illuminance uniformity on the ground. Read more