How lighting could affect our emotions and behaviour

120Neuroscience researchers have been investigating the influence of light intensity and color temperature on human’s mood and behaviour.

The lack of light is usually thought to affect the mood: it can lead to the condition known as seasonal affective disorder, or winter depression. However, recent studies by North American researchers show that both positive and negative emotions may be intensified by brighter lighting, while lower lighting may dampen those moods. Contrary to popular belief these researches show that depression-prone people actually become more depressed on sunny days.

Other similar correlation measures the effects of different colors of light on human’s mood and behaviour and how these can affect the body in different ways. Read more

LuxLED, a waterproof luminaire based on LED technology

Constantly looking to the future and focusing on innovation Airfal present a new light fitting called LuxLED. This watertight LED luminaire delivers highly efficient light coupled with energy savings and modern design. Read more

Surface mounted luminaires

superdeltaAirfal is continuously trying to create better, more efficient lamps and luminaires that balance energy consumption to quality of light.

Often there is insufficient space in the ceiling to install conventional suspended luminaires,  which leads to the use of surface mounted light fixtures:  that way, the lighting installation can be adapted to any  given situation. In addition, using surface-mounted light fittings considerably reduces the level of installation work in solid ceilings or existing buildings. The lighting installation can be easily adjusted to suit any given situation.

Surface mounted luminaires can be installed directly beneath the ceiling to create the level of lighting required for perfect working conditions. The flexible positioning of the surface mounted luminaires makes it possible to adjust the space and lighting requirements.

Airfal has a large range of surface lighting luminaires, perfectly adapted to lighting in industrial areas, offices, universities, hospitals… Well balanced luminance levels contribute to create a more cheerful and productive  atmosphere. These luminaires are a combination of cutting-edge technology, functional brilliance and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some of the surface mounted luminaires of the Airfal range:

Superdelta: an industrial luminaire with a decorative touch. Possibility of making continuous lines with the accessories, rails, etc. existing for the Delta model. Its main applications are in schools and shopping centres.

Metalic: With pre-lacquered steel plate body and gloss aluminium reflector or optionally pre-lacquered steel plate reflector included, it is distinguished by its aluminium slat, making it the perfect luminaire for schools and places with UGR (Unified Glare Rating) demands.

Deco: an innovative and economic option for lighting offices, shopping centres, etc. With a pre-lacquered steel plate body, it includes a gloss aluminium reflector and optionally a pre-lacquered steel plate reflector.