Waterproof led lighting by Airfal applied to urban furniture



The Aranzadi Park is an area of ​​Pamplona in the north of the cit , between the neodighboods Chantrea and Rochapea . Throughout the centuries it has been a dedicated space with green gardens and recreational areas.

This metropolitan area is the second largest of Pamplona .
Some of the plots have been maintained for horticultural use , and other spaces of the forest to the river , keeping their traces and the value of its fruitful soil .

In order not to interfere with the landscape of the park, the architects wanted to use unique street furniture . In the words of the architect and director of works Aranzadi Jesus Arcos, furniture has to have “ simple and pure lines .” “You have to keep in mind what Aranzadi was, and we did not want to have furniture that broke with that environment ,” he said . Some of the banks use are illuminated by four tubular watertight polycarbonate luminaires with LED lighting. The fixtures are made ​​by Airfal International . ”
The illumination with led occupies less space, provides more strength and consumes less , “says Jesus Arcos. The architect notes that this type of lighting was previously installed indoors but this is the first time it is placed in a park , outside , with exclusively designed furniture para the Aranzadi park . Further, he stresses that this design avoids installing more furniture items, as streetlights. Similarly, the same elements that make up the gateway end up being used as picnic .
“It’s an area where many trees have been planted . The result will be like a line of light that is introduced in the forest with trees on both sides , “concludes Jesus Arcos.
The luminaire design had to meet the demanding needs of the project and for this, they used a combination of several models in the catalog of Airfal : Waled , TR1 and Tunnel, and several innovations to get a light with tube opal and IP68, with special reflectors that could be integrated into the urban furniture specially designed for Aranzadi Meander Park .

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