Benefits of improving your industrial lighting installation: an infographic

This infographic sheds light on industrial lighting trends and what has driven innovation in the field. Lighting an industrial warehouse can raise many issues. Because of a wide range of operations, it is vital to take into account many aspects that can impact the level of light reaching a surface, as well as its quality.

The infographics also features some basic concepts related to the world of industrial lighting.
– Lumens: a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a lamp
– Lamp life: it is the “life expectancy” of a lamp.
– The color rendering index, a measure of the light source that reveals the true color of objects in a room
The infographic also presents several types of light bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs, HID lamps (high intensity discharge lamps), fluorescent lamps, and LEDs.
According to the infographic there are several drivers of innovation in industrial lighting:
– Cost
– Efficiency
– Safety
Benefits of improving your industrial lighting installation

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Why you need to rethink the lighting of your factory or warehouse

led lighting energy savingenergy saving lightingSome simple steps will make the lighting of a factory or warehouse energy efficient, which can lead to greater profits

Most often inefficient use of lighting in factories and warehouses causes wastage and losses. This wastage can be measured and reduced by taking adequate steps, starting with the audit of the electrical installation. With an energy audit, we can identify the possible areas of wastage like inefficient and excess use of lights. By taking appropriate measures, energy can be used more efficiently to light up a factory or a warehouse.

Every factoryor warehouse has savings to uncover that can be as simple as changing a light fixture, or using Led light bulbs. The return of investment of LED lighting can be easily calculated, and the payback is usually significant. The counter argument has always been that it is a big expense to install LED lighting, but if you are replacing a traditional light fixture with a LED version, the numbers speak by themselves.

It is worth committing to an energy efficiency change in a factory or warehouse. Changing to new light fixtures will have the following positive impacts:

Upgrading lighting is one of the easiest way to lower energy costs. When replacing a light bulb, burning fewer watts per unit of light generated, and producing less heat in hotter months of the year, can result in savings of up to 75-80%.

The challenge can be the upfront investment, but the average LED bulb will last 10 to 25 times longer than a traditional light. With up to 80000 hour lifespan, there is no need to hire expensive access equipment to change lamps and bulbs located in áreas that are of difficult Access in the Factory or in the warehouse.

New light fixtures provide more powerful ways to control your light spending. Wireless technology has made the ability to control lighting easier than ever. LED light fixtures can be connected to a network that controls the lighting in your plant or warehouse via a software, from a computer, a smartphone or a controller itself. Wireless technology helps to control every aspect of lighting in the plant or warehouse, from hue to intensity, resulting in a more productive work environment.

With 100% instant light, you can eliminate the “start up” or “cool down” times of old factory lights

Electronic ballasts are useful too. Electronic ballasts are twice as expensive as conventional magnetic ballast but the energy consumption is about 25%. Conventional magnetic ballast takes about 8 to 10 watts whereas electronic ballast takes about 2 watt per 40 W tube. The payback period of an electronic ballast is about 2 years. Although the initial cost is higher, the lifetime savings are significant.

Industries where lumen requirement is very high should use Energy Efficient Lights fixtures. By improving light quality in your factory warehouse, you can make it much easier to carry out tasks, which affect positively your financial results.

Energy saving lighting for manufacturing or assembly plants, and warehouses will definitely give you a competitive edge.