Airfal International launches the new 2015 catalog

Due to celebration of the 30th anniversary , Airfal has launched the 2015 catalog of luminaries.

The steady growth of sales in the Spanish and international markets has been propelled by the launch of new watertight luminaries, as well as new ATEX light fixtures, and a range of LED luminaries to remain at the cutting edge of technical and functional innovation. Read more

Blue LED lighting  to kill food-borne pathogens without chemical treatment

A new study show that  blue LED light could be used to kill common food-borne pathogens without the need for chemical treatment.  The team’s findings can potentially be applied  to preserve fresh-cut fruits, or ready-to-eat seafood such as sushi, as well as chilled meat products.

As published in Asian Scientist , a team of scientists from the National University of Singapore has found that blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) have strong antibacterial effect on major foodborne pathogens, particularly in cold temperatures (between 4°C and 15°C) and mildly acidic conditions of around pH 4.5.  Their findings, published in Food Microbiology,  open up novel possibilities of using blue LEDs as a chemical-free food preservation method. Acidic foods such as fresh-cut fruits and ready-to-eat meat can be preserved under blue LEDs in combination with chilling temperatures without requiring further chemical treatments that are commonly needed for food preservation. Read more

Airfal donates part of its profits to Atades Huesca

Airfal continues to donate 2% of its profits to the entity Atades Huesca. Atades Huesca is a non-profit organization declared of public utility.

Its main objective is to promote, encourage and support all kinds of actions aimed at improving the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in the province of Huesca in different areas Read more