6 Reasons why you should upgrade to LED industrial lighting

A high quality industrial led lighting system will significantly improve operating costs of your company, as well as working conditions, and provide added safety. We highlight in this article some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your industrial lighting system to LED, if you haven’t already.industrial led lighting

Industrial LED Lights are longer lasting
LED light bulbs tend to last up to 25 times longer than traditional industrial light bulbs. . One of the amazing advantages of installing LEDs is their long operating life. . Unlike other industrial lighting technologies, LEDs don’t burn-out, but they gradually fade over time. Some industrial LED light fixtures have very long operating life, with a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours.
Improved energy efficiency with industrial LED Light fixtures
LED lights usually cost more to install initially. However, those costs can be reduced due to their longer lifespan, and overall electricity usage. It is generally agreed that LED bulbs tend to use around 75 percent less energy than other types of bulbs.

Higher light quality thanks to led light fixtures

Improvements in lighting technology for led bulbs have increased lighting efficiency, as well as color quality. Improved lighting quality can affect worker performance and accuracy in a variety of activities. A new lighting installation can have a marked improvement on employee output in industrial installations.

LED lights produce less heat

Halogen and incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat. If there are combustible materials near the industrial light fixtures, then this added heat can be dangerous and increase the fire risk in your industrial facility. This also results higher energy spending since more air conditioned is needed.

Improved safety

By installing led light fixtures in industrial environments, we can improve safety in industrial areas, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. A new LED installation also offer higher brightness that reduce the number of LEDs required for a fixture while improving worker safety. Brighter lighting on the shop floor can lead to fewer safety problems, while improving worker output.

Maintenance of the industrial lighting installation
Regular maintenance used to be vital to ensure that industrial facilities received the desired quantity and quality of light, with traditional lighting systems. Periodic maintenance used to produce a range of benefits, including a brighter workplace, a higher level of security in the industrial facility, and enhanced productivity. Airfal industrial LED fixtures are nearly maintenance-free, which results in less time and less expenses spent in replacing light bulbs. Operational downtime is also avoided, since LED bulbs have a longer time span .

LED lights for industrial facilities are more sustainable
Green lighting is a key trend, also in lighting environments. If your company is looking to “go green”, then installing LED light fixtures into your factory on warehouse can be very effective. Becoming more sustainable can help to improve your company image, as well as reduce operating costs. LED light fixtures are more sustainable as they use less energy, and they require less overall maintenance.

Airfal adapts its TR2 for high temperatures and doubles its power

The lighting manufacturing company from Aragon in Spain has made some improvements to its TR2 waterproof model, in terms of both increasing its power as well as being able to withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. Customer demand for the product, as well as Airfal’s ability to create and customise its lighting, have made the new version of the TR2 a possibility, and it is perfect for industrial extractor hoods.
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