New Frozen Light light fixture

Airfal International is expanding its range of luminaires with high technical specifications and launches Frozen, a luminaire suitable for extreme temperatures. This model is specially designed for freezing and deep-freezing areas, with IK07 and IP68-2 protection. Read more

Airfal migrates CSR Report over to G4

Airfal International is updating its Corporate Social Responsibility Report and migrating over to the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. Airfal is a member of this independent international community that sets standards for corporate responsibility reports around the world. This document reports on all past, present and future actions in the field of CSR, both at the company and further afield.

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Outdoor lighting for parks and public gardens

Lighting of parks and gardens should focus on the safety of pedestrians walking on the trails through the park. Lighting must allow pedestrians to discern obstacles or other hazard , and give them the opportunity to see other pedestrians. Waterproof light fixtures shall be used for such purpose.

Light sources
Parks and gardens generally require white light in order to obtain a better color rendering. The white light provides improved visibility for pedestrians. Therefore, metal halide lamps with ceramic arc tube or the white LEDs are great options.

Recommended level of lighting for a park
Lighting in park areas shall meet recommended levels, and also minimize light pollution and intrusion on neighboring properties. The lighting level can significantly impact on the appearance and safety of the park at night. The high-pressure sodium lamps, a commonly used source for urban light, cast a yellow-orange light that gives poor color rendering; this light challenges the visual clarity and considerably impairs the overall quality of the night urban environment. In contrast, metal halide lamps diffuses a soft white light that makes colors more accurate; they provide better visual clarity, and require less power for the same perceived visibility. The light quality is also influenced by the amount of light – or more precisely, by the relationship between the brightness of light and the distance to the light source. The light becomes more diffused as we are farther from the source, so that for a given brightness, there are heights where we should place the light source to create the desired light quality. Read more

Airfal participates in the Light Middle East trade fair

Airfal International is about to to Dubai to participate in Light Middle East 2016, the largest lighting fair in the Middle East, which will be held on October 31, 1 and 2 November. Many manufacturers of light fixtures are participating in this event to showcase their latest developments and new products.

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Waterproofing and impact luminaire protection


Waterproofing  and impact luminaire protection

 When you open a catalogue of luminaires, we are accustomed to seeing nomenclatures and symbols that perhaps sometimes we don’t know how to interpret. Two of those parameters that more defines a luminaire are the IK e IP of the fixtures. But, what do they really mean? Do we know how to interpret it? In the following lines we will define these parameters that will help us choose which luminaire fits better our installation and its environment.


IP code

IP code indicates the degree of protection against penetration of solids inside the enclosure and against the penetration of water. This code shows its impermeability and their insulation from the environment, as well as ease of access by persons inside the luminaire. This code is composed of the letters IP and two digits.

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Lighting in commercial spaces

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a business, be it large or small. The lighting says much of our business and is essential part of the image of brand that we want to project, mostly in large establishments, that even count with protocols and lighting decalogues to unify all their stores.

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Recommended light levels in the industry

Good lighting combines three aspects: high luminous efficiency, long life and good color rendering.


The lighting of industrial premises should:

  • Facilitate the Execution of a Task: the Visual Performance Concept.

Normal vision can only be exercised with minimum light. A good level of lighting allows for a good productivity, which means fewer errors or accidents, and reduced eyestrain.

  • Ensure Well-Being: the Fundamental Concept of Visual Comfort.

In addition to the required level of illumination, it is also essential to ensure the following:

  • A good quality of the light emitted by the sources
  • The uniformity of the illumination
  • The adequate balance of illumination to avoid glare in particular.

Illuminating the industry work areas

The illumination level has to be adapted to the nature and the precision of the work that needs to be performed. To illuminate the work area, it is reccommended to use local lighting, adapted to complement the general lighting of the premises.

  • For inland circulation: 40 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • For changing rooms and bathrooms: 120 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • For blind premises assigned to permanent work: 200 Lux Minimum Illumination

Lighting for Outdoor Spaces:

  • For taxiways: 10 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • For outdoor areas assigned to permanent work: 40 Lux Minimum Illumination

Lighting for Specific Work Areas:

  • For average mechanics and office-based typing work: 200 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • For machine processing and office-based drawing work: 300 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • For fine mechanics, engraving, drawing and color comparison: 400 Lux Minimum Illumination
  • For precision engineering, fine electronics and various controls: 600 Lux Minimum Illumination

 The level of illumination required in the industry depends on:

  • The size of the details that need to be observed
  • The contrast between the object / form and the bottom (the greater the contrast, the higher illuminance is required).

The Following Aspects Must Also Be Considered :

The speed of the work execution

  • The movement of the monitored objects (the faster the movement, the higher illumination is required)
  • The age of the operators

In industries which require fine and precised mechanical tasks, as well as the electronics industry, specific lighting reinforcements on the workstations must be installed. Some industrial sectors, the chemical sector in particular, require the use of protected luminaires.

Industries in which color rendering is extremely important, such as the printing industry, require the use of appropriate lighting lamps. In other industries such as paint manufactoring, plastics or resins, the industrial process requires the use of special UV types or IR light emissions.

Aranzadi Park wins the 2016 AZ Awards

The Aranzadi Park has won the 2016 AZ Awards who is granted by the design magazine Azure. The Aranzadi Park, projected by Aldayjover Architects, receives the award to  the Best Temporary Architecture.

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Airfal receives the Solidar Two Star Merit Certificate

The Foundation Virgen del Pueyo held the second installment of Solidar Certificates from the Association of Solidarity Businesses of Aragon (Solidar). A total of 16 companies of Aragon were recognized with this distinction in a ceremony which was attended by the Director Provincial and Managing Director of the INAEM.

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Lighting parks and gardens with Led lights

86A lighting project focusing on illuminating parks and public gardens should consider three main aspects:

  1. It must be based on an efficient energy consumption
  2. It must present a minimal environmental impact
  3. It must achieve a good quality / price investment.

Therefore, designing a good lighting for a park or garden must combine efficiency and saving with and security and comfort. Always consider an adequate lighting for all parks and gardens, as they are dynamic and living spaces, a lighting which must adapt properly to different seasons, luminosities and circumstances.

When the night falls, the chromaticism and clarity of the park are the main factors that influence the influx of people. The distribution of light, its intensity and its impact on the surrounding elements play an important role in whether people will use the park or not. Read more

Infographics on emergency lighting: the importance of power for life safety

This amazing infographics will help us understand the importance of power for life safety. Did you know for instance that you are required to provide up to 90 minutes of backup UPS power ? And that emergency lighting consumes up to 10 – 20 % of an average building lighting consumption ?
It also sheds light on the differences between a distributed backup solution Vs a switching solution for emergency lighting.

Airfal summer schedules changes

One more year and within the WORK-HOME BALANCE AND SERVICE PLAN, which allow the balance between the work life and the personal life of our team, we change the work schedule during the summer.
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Airfal is giving away 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca

This year, Airfal will fund a multi sensory area in the assisted living center Manuel Artero of Atades Huesca, giving 2% of its 2015 profits. This action is part of the Airfal  Social Responsibility Plan, which includes other actions such as the creation of work enclaves within its facilities. Read more

Airfal launches the Piston Eco Waterproof luminaire

Airfal International sends to the market its new luminaire Piston Eco, a waterproof model with IK07, manufactured in Airfal and that counts with LED modules of the latest generation. This model is perfect to be installed in humid areas and outdoors.

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Airfal returns from Light + Building 2016 extremely satisfied

Once again Airfal International attended Light + Building in Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. The company from Aragon returned home feeling extremely satisfied with the results achieved. Thanks to the attractiveness of their catalogue and prime location in the trade fair, this year they have seen an increase in the number of visitors to their stand.

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Airfal increases sales by 15% in Spain and consolidates its fourth year of growth

Airfal has grown for the fourth consecutive year, increasing its sales in Spain. Turnover figures for 2015 rose by 15% compared to the previous year, reaffirming an upward sales trend at a national level. Airfal has a sales network of 19 official distributors across the entire country, bringing light fittings made in the Aragon region to all corners of Spain.
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Airfal will be showing at the Light&Building Exhibition 2016.

Airfal International S.L., the light fittings manufacturer will be showing at the Light&Building trade fair in Frankfurt. For this edition, Airfal will be making a major commitment to LED lighting, but will also be showing the latest additions to its catalogue, such as the Supra model as well as the most important ATEX models.

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How to select luminaires for sports facilities?

Campo del MalecónHow to illuminate sport facilities is often a dilemma for architects and engineers. There are many parameters to take into account, depending on lighting requirements, the positioning of the luminaires and the type of sports facility. Read more