Airfal receives the Solidar Two Star Merit Certificate

The Foundation Virgen del Pueyo held the second installment of Solidar Certificates from the Association of Solidarity Businesses of Aragon (Solidar). A total of 16 companies of Aragon were recognized with this distinction in a ceremony which was attended by the Director Provincial and Managing Director of the INAEM.

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Lighting parks and gardens with Led lights

86A lighting project focusing on illuminating parks and public gardens should consider three main aspects:

  1. It must be based on an efficient energy consumption
  2. It must present a minimal environmental impact
  3. It must achieve a good quality / price investment.

Therefore, designing a good lighting for a park or garden must combine efficiency and saving with and security and comfort. Always consider an adequate lighting for all parks and gardens, as they are dynamic and living spaces, a lighting which must adapt properly to different seasons, luminosities and circumstances.

When the night falls, the chromaticism and clarity of the park are the main factors that influence the influx of people. The distribution of light, its intensity and its impact on the surrounding elements play an important role in whether people will use the park or not. Read more

Infographics on emergency lighting: the importance of power for life safety

This amazing infographics will help us understand the importance of power for life safety. Did you know for instance that you are required to provide up to 90 minutes of backup UPS power ? And that emergency lighting consumes up to 10 – 20 % of an average building lighting consumption ?
It also sheds light on the differences between a distributed backup solution Vs a switching solution for emergency lighting.

Airfal summer schedules changes

One more year and within the WORK-HOME BALANCE AND SERVICE PLAN, which allow the balance between the work life and the personal life of our team, we change the work schedule during the summer.
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