Airfal migrates CSR Report over to G4

Airfal International is updating its Corporate Social Responsibility Report and migrating over to the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. Airfal is a member of this independent international community that sets standards for corporate responsibility reports around the world. This document reports on all past, present and future actions in the field of CSR, both at the company and further afield.

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Outdoor lighting for parks and public gardens

Lighting of parks and gardens should focus on the safety of pedestrians walking on the trails through the park. Lighting must allow pedestrians to discern obstacles or other hazard , and give them the opportunity to see other pedestrians. Waterproof light fixtures shall be used for such purpose.

Light sources
Parks and gardens generally require white light in order to obtain a better color rendering. The white light provides improved visibility for pedestrians. Therefore, metal halide lamps with ceramic arc tube or the white LEDs are great options.

Recommended level of lighting for a park
Lighting in park areas shall meet recommended levels, and also minimize light pollution and intrusion on neighboring properties. The lighting level can significantly impact on the appearance and safety of the park at night. The high-pressure sodium lamps, a commonly used source for urban light, cast a yellow-orange light that gives poor color rendering; this light challenges the visual clarity and considerably impairs the overall quality of the night urban environment. In contrast, metal halide lamps diffuses a soft white light that makes colors more accurate; they provide better visual clarity, and require less power for the same perceived visibility. The light quality is also influenced by the amount of light – or more precisely, by the relationship between the brightness of light and the distance to the light source. The light becomes more diffused as we are farther from the source, so that for a given brightness, there are heights where we should place the light source to create the desired light quality. Read more