Led lighting for industrial applications


Lighting an industrial environment can be quite difficult because of a wide variety of operations. Many aspects have to be considered as they impact on the of light reaching a surface, as well as its quality. Industrial LED Light fixtures from Airfal includes energy efficient, robust, waterproof and luminaires for hazardous locations. These light fixtures are designed to provide lighting for areas where water, vibration, maintenance or temperature negatively affects conventional illumination.

Replacing obsolete lighting by LED lighting in an industrial environment can provide savings in consumption of up to 70%. Productivity and safety of workers largely depend on the quality of lighting. Industrial light fixtures should also resist extreme temperatures and harsh conditions such as vibrations. Airfal has been able to produce industrial lighting fixtures that maximize efficiency and light output while providing adequate level of safety.

Areas of application of industrial led lighting

Industrial Led lighting is now commonly used in industrial environments, bringing efficient illumination for a safer workplace and a pleasant atmosphere for industrial workers. Our LED lighting fixtures have been designed specifically to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor.

Industrial lighting from Airfal is used in warehouses, factories, industrial locations, food industry, hazardous areas, logistic and distribution centers, cold storage… Furthermore, Airfal light fixtures are dust proof and waterproof, and some of them are also resistant to extreme temperatures.

Airfal LED luminaires are designed to meet the most demanding environments while offering maximum energy savings.

Industrial lighting upgrade

An industrial lighting upgrade can reduce energy costs and improve workforce performance in a significant way. On many occasions, however, industrial lighting projects result are missing opportunities. The focus is solely on energy efficiency, or on industrial light fixture cost, but other factors such as maintenance costs should also be taken into account. You should not focusing solely on energy savings, but also take into account maintenance costs, as well as the quality of the light and its potential impact on safety or productivity of workers. Industrial lighting accounts for a substantial portion of the energy used in industrial facilities and a careful analysis should be previously undertaken.

What is Human Centric Lighting ?

So as  to understand what is human-centric lighting, LightingEurope, an industry association representing leading European lighting manufacturers and national lighting associations,  and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) have issued a joint paper in which they defined the benefits, technologies, and potential applications.

They  define “Human Centric Lighting” as a form of lighting that goes beyond colour rendering and power efficiency but instead takes into account  other non-visual effects, including circadian-tuning. Read more