Lighting in poultry houses – Chicken farm lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in the success of the commercial production of layers and broilers. The demand for food worldwide is expected to double by 2030. To meet that demand, chicken producers are adopting new approaches to increase production at a reduced cost, with less stress on the environment. Generally speaking, the focus id on enhancing traditional inputs such as water, air, nutrients, and housing, however lighting would deserve more interest.

Light is an important aspect of an animals environment. Avian species respond to light energy in a variety of ways, including growth and reproductive performance. The value of regulating the exposition to light of poultry and livestock to stimulate reproduction has been recognized for many years and is used regularly by commercial poultry and farmers.

Many poultry producers still utilize old residential and commercial incandescent lamps in their barns. These lamps are not the best suited for poultries. Indeed, iincandescent light is not the same as sunlight, and the best light for humans is not necessarily the best light for animals.
Animals used to live under the sunlight, whose spectrum differs substantially from that of incandescent light. Sunlight is a combination of all colors. Modernfarm lighting system should attempt to mimic the sun’s spectrum. Read more