Airfal receives the Certificate of Approved Exporter of Origin

Airfal International obtains the Certificates of Approved Exporter of Origin granted by the State Tax Agency and the recently created REX Registry at a European level. This not only facilitates exports, with less bureaucracy, but also gives a state guarantee to buyers that both the company and the goods meet stringent quality requirements and certifications.
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Airfal will focus on ATEX lighting at the Light & Building 2018

Airfal International will attend the Light & Building trade show in Frankfurt, the most important lighting fair in the sector, which will be held between March 18 and 23. Airfal will take advantage of this event to launch its new catalog with a much more industrial and intuitive design, in which the ATEX range has grown significantly with six new luminaires for explosive atmospheres. Airfal  will attend you on their  booth located in Hall 3.1 B79. Read more

Productivity of farms: LED lighting is more sustainable and economical

lighting farm housesAccording to Airfal, lighting plays a significant role in poultry and hog production, and has a huge impact on the performance of farms. Adequate lighting is necessary to ensure the health and growth of poultry and hogs, as the lighting needs vary according to the stages of the breeding. A well-designed, energy efficient lighting system can mean better brightness, better performance and lower energy costs.

Lighting in poultry farms

World farmers are facing a price war and must reduce their operating costs as much as possible. To meet this challenge, some farms will be forced to expand, as for example, dairy farms that will double their average size. This development implies an evolution in the technical equipment of the farms, especially the lights.

For that reason, LED lighting, which is modern and ecological, is presented as a solution that can be broken down according to the layout of each farm.

To illuminate a space as large as a building for livestock, significant savings are at stake. IN addition, maintain lighting facilities may be expansive. In this context, LED lighting, which does not require maintenance once installed, allows the farmer to focus on the day-to-day tasks inherent in his operation. Solidity is also an important criterion especially in poultry houses. The savings are measured very quickly in the short term with low power consumption.

Compared to a compact fluorescent lamp, a LED bulb has a very long life span, depending on the model, from 25,000 to 50,000 hours, ie between 6 and 12 years of use. It also has the quality not to heat and resist shocks while having high light yields with few watts consumed. Finally, the LED installations allow a variable lighting which turns out to be a real advantage in a hen house, for example, where you have to simulate a sunset.

Lighting for cattle farms

There is evidence that cattle are sensitive to light in buildings and the best results in milk production and fertility are achieved with a 16-hour light cycle of 150 to 180 lux followed by 8 hours of darkness. Indeed, the lengthening of the duration of days by means of stable lighting influences the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. By prolonging the duration of daylight in winter, melatonin production is reduced and cows are more active.

With the Farm LED light fixture, Airfal intends to limit the consumption of electrical energy. Compared to current (sodium / halogen) and fluorescent (neon) lamps, Airfal light fixtures saves up to 75% in costs. Indeed, the lifetime of the Led lamps, established at 80,000 hours and the superior production of Lumens per Watt (130 lumens / Watt) allow a lower energy loss in the form of heat.

Lighting in underground mines

lighting underground minesA characteristic of underground mining operations is that, as we move from the surface to the interior, the darkness becomes more complete, which is why lighting is a very important and fundamental factor.

Under these conditions, it may be interesting for mining companies to focus on a key aspect of the production equipment, lighting.

In underground mines, it is vital to have safe and efficient lighting. Airfal manufactures high optical performance luminaires adapted to underground mines. These Atex certified light fixtures meet the highest safety standards and are explosion proof.

Explosion hazard in underground mines involves the use of special lighting to avoid possible accidents. In coal mines, firedamp concentration can be high, resulting in explosive atmospheres, An explosion can be caused by mechanical or electrical sparks.

Inside the mine, where the atmosphere is potentially explosive,  electricity has to be used safely. To prevent or minimize the effects of explosions, besides mine ventilation, electrical equipment and lighting has to be specially designed for use in explosive atmospheres.

All electrical equipment and lighting used in the mine must be able to withstand an internal explosion, and prevent any risk of spreading an explosion, which is called explosion-proof.

Lighting standards help ensure the safety of lighting installations in mines. The lighting systems used inside a mine must comply with the ATEX directive, and avoid any risk of explosion or propagation. The ATEX normative (explosive atmosphere) is the result of two European Directives (1994/9/EC and ATEX 137) for equipment intended for use in ATEX zones and 100A ATEX 1999/92/EC or safety of workers).

With many years of experience in technical lighting, Airfal has created the Minex luminaire which has been designed  for use in hazardous areas. With low maintenance cost, easy installation, and maximum security, the luminaire Minex is compliant with Atex. It was created especially for lighting in underground mines. It can also be used in other industrial facilities, both indoors or  outdoors.

Led light fixtures for the mining industry

Effective mining companies must use the latest technologies, including a safe and effective lighting system. The main characteristics of a lighting system for mines are safety, durability, efficiency and long life. Such elements are essential to survive in the harsh environment of the modern mining industry.

LED lighting is extremely popular today in the industry and in particular in mining, because of the many technical advantages of this technology. Increased longevity, efficiency, energy savings, respect for the environment are some of the many benefits that can offer LED light fixtures for mines. Airfal offers a range of lLED light fixtures suitable for mining, light and strong, with an exceptional lighting performance. These luminaires are designed for extreme environments, and can withstand explosions.

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