Quality office lighting: 5 criteria to take into account

There can be no quality office lighting without a lighting project, as it will determine the photometric characteristics of the installation.

In particular, the average lighting level to be maintained depends on the use and people. For example, lighting levels for older people are not the same as the ones for younger people.
Quality office lighting will maintain its performance over time. Today, the evolution cycles of buildings and their uses are faster.

Lighting must therefore be able to meet the needs of these different developments. For example, a lighting system that can be upgraded – which can be used in English – will be able to be connected later, even if it was not connected when it was installed. In fact, quality lighting will be achieved through LED sources. T8 and even T5 fluorescent tubes are no longer relevant.

Modern lighting

Finally, quality lighting is also modern lighting. Thus, LED sources allow innovative product designs compared to historical sources. Through the lighting, it is the image of the company that is conveyed, because it fulfills a decorative function beyond the functional aspects.

Advantages of quality office lighting

1 – No visual discomfort

First of all, thanks to the absence of visual discomfort, quality office lighting will enable users to perform the tasks assigned to them in an efficient manner. It is thanks to an appropriate lighting level and limited glare that photometric performance will be achieved.

2 – Employee well-being

Secondly, because lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere in work areas, it will contribute to the well-being of employees.

3 – Appropriation of space

Personalisation of lighting will be part of the work space of staff. With little cost, modern, high-quality lighting allows workers to really take over the space, because they will be able to adapt the lighting service to their needs. Benefiting from an adapted and comfortable working environment, employees will be even more efficient.

4 – Positive image of the company

A positive image of the company is also one of the advantages of quality lighting. With LED and automatic management systems, the company will provide an updates image. For example, by controlling the presence in offices and daylight, it will give a modern look.

5 -Energy and maintenance savings

Finally, quality lighting saves energy and maintenance. These savings are a benefit that results from a well run lighting project. However, they should not be an objective in themselves.

Airfal designs a special luminaire for work areas and work places

Airfal International has recently launched  a new  luminaire for work areas. This light fixture, the MODULAR luminaire, combines a classic design with cutting-edge technology, achieving a high visual comfort. The Modular luminaire is ideal for offices, shopping centers and supermarkets.

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