Lighting for high ceilings

High ceilings can be a challenge when incorporating lighting applications. When dealing with high bay lighting, we will have to face many challenges, such as minimizing contrast, reducing glare, or meeting strict safety and hazardous environment requirements. Low maintenance, energy saving light fixtures, designed to drive down costs are also needed. High bay lighting generally applies to libraries, atriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, but also warehouse spaces, and high bay workshops.

T-5 fluorescent lighting is often used for lighting in high ceiling areas, meeting the recommended light levels and increasing the quality of light. Until very recently, LED technology was not an option due to high prices. However, high-bay LED fixings are now available, providing good quality of light at reasonable price, with paybacks from energy savings. Employees and customers now feel better in their working environment, meeting safety standards at a competitive cost.

High ceilings lighting usually means expensive maintenance cost. A lamp replacement can turn out very costly, and disrupt your business. So the reliability of the light fixtures have to be carefully taken into account, and the lamps used should have a long lifetime.

At Airfal, we understand the challenges you are facing, and we have a range of light fixtures developed to meet the requirements related to high-bay environment. The Lumex luminaire, for instance, is designed for illumination of industrial spaces that are not mines, especially places with very high ceilings.