OEM Airfal

Airfal International has extensive experience in the lighting sector, with more than 30 years of history backed by good practices and customer satisfaction. Over the years, Airfal has expanded its catalogue to include more than 50 luminaires. In addition, it has optimized its production capacity, going even further in quality, time and price, through continuous improvement of its processes with the constant search for Excellence.

2015 was a key year for Airfal, as the decision was taken to opt for the complete manufacture of its luminaires and to add value to a MADE IN SPAIN product. In order to meet this challenge, an investment was made that allowed us to manufacture our light fixtures in highly competitive time frames as well as constant

quality control. All these investments were accompanied by the expansion of our facilities where the Supra luminaire is produced, a high quality watertight system that leaves Airfal’s facilities for the whole world.

Qualified Airfal Equipment

The materials, equipment, facilities and our social commitment are nothing without a specialized and highly qualified team to manage it and make the most of it.
Airfal has an R&D department that develops new models of luminaires and adapts existing ones to the needs of customers, with customisation being one of our most important attributes. Airfal tests its latests products in its laboratory.