PYROS LED lighting

  • IP66
  • IK10
  • DALI
  • L70B50>50.000
  • II2GD
  • Ex db op is IIB+H2 T6 Gb
  • Ex op is tb IIIC T85°Db

Control peripherals

  • They capture the useful information in each installation according to their activity and / or needs.
  • Control the luminaire and other peripherals
  • They compile data and parameters of the luminaire and other connected devices.
  • They send information to the mobile device to allow remote control and monitoring.

Mobile device

  • Shows the arrangement of the luminaires in the installation.
  • Define the profile of each luminaire.
  • It allows to visualize performance and operation.
  • It enables the analysis of the installation and implementation of improvements.
  • Send orders to the fixture.

* Wireless * Retrofit * Compatible with SCADA
* Remote control of luminaires * Simplicity of use


Ports and airports, Oil & Gas, chemical industry, energy

Anticipation and prevention of incidents in installation and maintenance

  • Automatic test system in emergencies.
  • Increased component life.
  • Remote control of unlimited number of luminaires.
  • Easy to install.

System monitoring and control

  • Point by point programming system, setting zones and adaptation of scenes with specific lighting characteristics.
  • Warnings in case of detection of anomalies in the operation with identification, saving maintenance tasks.

Optimization and maximization of resources

  • Analysis of personnel flows to optimize logistics or production processes.
  • Allows renovation of existing facilities, does not require additional wiring.
  • Ease of installation and minimal running costs.