In Airfal we work for the awareness of the whole team in aspects that have to do with the environment, therefore, communication in this direction is continuous.

ecolumAirfal is a member of Ecolum, an association that guarantees the proper management of waste electrical and electronic equipment, with regular collection from our facilities.

The first steps of the”Paper 0″ Plan have also been taken, with measures such as sending payrolls and invoices by e-mail, among others. However, the practice of total paper recycling, which is reused and sent to cardboard companies, has been well established for years.

In relation to energy efficiency, Airfal has carried out several energy consultancy studies and has implemented a plan to reduce the energy bill significantly with the energy savings that this implies.


From the very beginning, Airfal has been very socially aware. He is aware of the problems of the society in which he lives and is therefore determined to make the world a little bit better. Airfal decided to focus its efforts on the labour market insertion of people with intellectual disabilities.

When the company was founded more than 30 years ago, it began to work with the José Luis Zazurca Foundation, to which raw and semi-finished materials were sent for the assembly of the simplest Airfal luminaires. Currently, it works with 10 occupational workshops of different foundations and has a workshop in its own facilities. This activity is a great therapy for users as it brings normality to their daily lives, gives them independence and enables them to possibly enter the world of work. Two users of the Rey Ardid Occupational Workshop have joined the staff.

The last great milestone of Airfal has been the opening of a work enclave also in the company’s facilities, where users of the Fundación Picarral carry out their professional work and prepare themselves to enter the world of work with the most real and rigorous knowledge.

In addition to this commitment to integration, Airfal donates 2 % of its annual profits to Atades Huesca, an entity whose main objective is to promote, encourage and support all kinds of actions aimed at improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.


The main objective of a company is to make a profit, to do so, it needs to be competitive in terms of productivity and economically profitable. This is why the company must manage its assets in such a way that it can get the most out of them.

Without a doubt, the best asset that Airfal has is its team, and to take care of it, the company carries out policies aimed at its well-being and increasing the feeling of belonging, therefore it is committed to the reconciliation of work and personal life with hours from 8 to 17 from Monday to Thursday and from 8 to 15 on Fridays throughout the year and three months in summer.

In terms of wages, there is a”No less than 1,600 gross €” plan, whereby no one who has been in the company for more than a year will be paid less per month. In addition, Airfal offers companytransport equipment.

Communication is essential for all stakeholders and is therefore constant.

Internally, monthly newsletters are published for all the staff informing them of the most relevant events that have taken place during the month, as well as the communication of the objectives, strategies and plans that are carried out from management.

On the other hand, when there are vacant positions within the company, an internal selection process is opened in which applications can be submitted and evaluated by management.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We renew our CSR report with the parameters of the Global Reporting Initiative.


Airfal has a real commitment to people and the environment in which we live. Airfal has been awarded several times:

– Women and CSR 2014″ Award – granted by ARAME

“Pawn 2014 Award” granted by the Rey Ardid

Foundation – Two Stars Solidarity Certificate, 2016 and 2017, granted by the Association of Solidarity Entrepreneurs

Kairós 2017, recognition of a close collaboration during the 15 years of life of the Cooperative Foundation.

– Aragón Empresa y Futuro Award in the Socially Responsible Company category