ATEX zoning

In industries in which explosive atmospheres can form, it is necessary to delimit these spaces or zones in order to adopt the necessary precautions and thus protect the safety and health of the affected workers.

These risk zones (zone 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22) are classified according to the frequency with which the aforementioned explosive atmospheres occur and their duration (Royal Decree 681/2003, of June 12), in the case from Spain.

Airfal International, as ATEX lighting specialist, advises on the determination of these risk areas, seeking to obtain the best lighting solution that provides safety and health, as well as being energy efficient.

Study of Light and Control Needs

Identifying lighting needs involves conducting a study, which considers the technical and functional requirements of the installation and activity to be carried out.

Airfal International has an experienced team of professionals who carry out this type of study. We are able to satisfy the particular demands of each installation, even with the implementation of control systems that allow the regulation of the intensity and tone of the lighting.

Among the results and advantages of these studies, the following stand out:

  • Power required according to the dimensions of the space to be illuminated.
  • Optimal lighting levels of each area according to the activity carried out.
  • Possible improvements in the existing installation (wiring, light points, etc.).
  • Identification of the best investment / energy saving ratio.
  • Determination of the control system, peripherals and network services according to the installation and economic activity.
  • Presentation of a complete study of the project that includes the number and model of the appropriate luminaire, control system and attached devices.

Energy Efficiency Analysis

At Airfal we contribute to improving energy efficiency in facilities through the most advanced solutions on the market, carrying out diagnoses and audits of our clients’ energy consumption.

In order to reduce energy costs, protect the environment, improve competitiveness and the image of the company, we made an energy saving plan that takes into account not only the reduction of economic costs, but also the care of the business environment. For this we follow a series of guidelines:

  • Analysis of energy demand.
  • Definition of the optimal cost to satisfy that demand comparing it with the real energy cost with which it is being realized.
  • Preparation of the energy report.
  • Implementation of improvement measures.
  • Maintenance and management of the action plan through control and support in all company departments.

Grant Management

Currently there are public aid in different countries that are committed to improving energy efficiency in technologies and processes. (In the case of Spain, Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy -IDAE-, Royal Decree 263/2019, of April 12).

Our team of advisers will help you through a complete consulting and processing service so that your company can benefit from these and other aids, aimed at improving technology in industrial equipment and processes and implementing energy management systems. We offer you our support in the management of subsidies in programs linked to innovation, energy or the environment.

You will not have to worry about the process of public aid because we take care of all the phases of this process:

  • We identify the aid according to your sector and activity.
  • We inform you of the possible financing lines and the approval criteria.
  • We prepare the relevant reports, as well as the management of the request.
  • We follow and manage the procedures for granting and collecting the grant.

Installation and Configuration: Commissioner

At Airfal, in addition to technical advice and the design of the specific lighting model, according to customer needs, we offer a comprehensive lighting system installation and configuration service. As a leading lighting manufacturer, we refine and renovate facilities.

Innovation is one of our hallmarks, not only applied to our products, but also to the installation processes and their latest generation tools in terms of functionality, safety, design, technology and respect for the environment.

We are specialists in the installation and configuration (commissioning) of products aimed at spaces that may contain explosive atmospheres.

Maintenance and Control Support

Airfal International offers its customers a service of intelligent solutions, even in ATEX environments, from start to finish, which guarantees the quantity and quality of light as well as its correct electrical operation.

These solutions, made up of luminaires of high technical specification (hi-tec), are intended to be used in spaces with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Preventive maintenance of the lighting installations of your company will bring you great benefits such as a high level of security in work rooms, greater lighting in spaces or improved productivity and ergonomics.

With Airfal’s control solutions, you will have an adequate diagnosis and design for all your lighting needs, which will result in the use of less energy and less maintenance costs.