Airfal is giving away 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca

This year, Airfal will fund a multi sensory area in the assisted living center Manuel Artero of Atades Huesca, giving 2% of its 2015 profits. This action is part of the Airfal  Social Responsibility Plan, which includes other actions such as the creation of work enclaves within its facilities.

Since 2011, Airfal gives away 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca, a non-profit organization declared of public utility. This year, the money will be spent for the construction of a multi sensory area in the assisted living center Artero Manuel. This therapeutic area has as main objective the stimulation of the senses to promote environmental understanding and assimilation of sensory information. Last year, the donation had enabled a therapeutic pool.

Atades is a non-profit entity whose main objective is to promote, encourage and support all kinds of measures to improve the quality of life of people with mental disabilities and their families in the Huesca provice.  Atades’s action covers different areas such as housing, employment, health, education, recreation and leisure, as well as personal and social autonomy. To achieve this objective and provide people with mental disabilities an array of services, Atades has created a significant infrastructure network.

This donation is part of the corporate social responsibility program, a key point in Airfal overall business strategy. In addition to donations, Airfal works directly with eight other social organizations: they accompany people with mental disabilities.

Airfal has developed a professional relationship with various foundations participating in the assembly process of the luminaires, which is carried out externally.  Thanks to the work achieved, the people  employed by such  organizations receive compensation, allowing them to improve their standard of living, and to find their way back into the labour market. Airfal also has a professional workshop within its own facilities, with a dozen of workers of the Rey Ardid foundation, as well as young people belonging to Ceserpi, from the Picarral Foundation.

At Airfal, we would like to thank all our employees, suppliers, customers to make possible this action more significant each year, and to help improve the living conditions of disabled people.