ATEX LED MAX, the new luminaire for zone 2-22 made by Airfal

Airfal International expands its family of light fixtures for explosive atmospheres with a highly innovative product, manufactured by the company. The ATEX LED MAX luminaire is a light fixture  that can be installed as a hood and as a projector, and has a protection for Zone 2-22.

The 2018 range of Airfal International  has been growing  thanks to its family of lighting for explosive atmospheres, with six new light fittings. One of the most outstanding is the ATEX LED MAX, an ATEX luminaire for Zone 2-22 homologated with “nR” protection, a highly succesful light fixture among  prescribers and engineers.

The ATEX LED MAX luminaire is a product that can be installed as a hood and as a projector, thanks to its versatile design developed by the R & D department of Airfal. Thanks to its  aluminum body and its iron lira,  it is possible  to install it on a on a  ceiling or wall. In addition, the ATEX LED MAX model has an IP66 and an IK07 protection index, featuring very high levels of protection against the penetration of water, dust and against shocks.

The robustness of the  body is a very prominent feature, but it is also worth noting the high light emission of its modules, which makes it so effective. The ATEX LED MAX model has different optics that can reach up to 26,800 lumens and a power of up to 194W, equivalent to 400W in traditional metal halide luminaires.

The ATEX LED MAX luminaire has three types of optics to choose from, to cover any demand in the distribution of light.

– Extensive symmetric optics, to cover a wide area evenly.

– Intensive symmetric optics, which allows to concentrate the light under the luminaire. This option would be the most interesting to focus light from a great height, or to replace a traditional industrial bell.

– Extensive asymmetrical optics. Ideal to “bathe” with light the area in front of a wall, or driveways of vehicles within large industries.

Carlos Jiménez, responsible for the R + D + i department, assures that the ATEX LED MAX model “meets ao a very high demand from the prescribers, who request an intense light source to be installed in industrial areas with high lighting requirements and that are potentially explosive environments. “ATEX LED MAX was created to be installed in areas with flammable gases, as well as loading and unloading areas or places near fuel pumps.

Airfal bets on ATEX lighting

The family of ATEX luminaires has been the one that has grown the most in recent months, with the manufacture of six new models at Airfal’s facilities thanks to the high qualification of its technical team. Over the years Airfal has specialized in this type of lighting, becoming a reference in the sector.

In addition to the ATEX LED MAX model, the WATEX model stands out for a luminaire for Zone 2-22, tight IP66 and IK07 highly demanded in the sector of industrial lighting, since its luminous comfort and ease of installation, makes it perfect for almost any site qualified as Zone 2,22 by the competent bodies. The WATEX model can be manufactured with one or two lines of LED modules and is manufactured entirely in Airfal’s facilities. This model also has the possibility of including an emergency kit so as to meet  the DALI regulation.


Another key light fixture, the PYROS LED luminaire, is a luminaire approved for zone 1-21 with a “d” for explosion-proof protection. This model in polycarbonate and with  aluminum caps has the latest LED technology as a power source and has an IP66 protection index against dust and water and an IK10 protection against shock, the maximum possible protection in lighting. Also optionally it can be equipped with emergency lighting.

Solidarity lighting

All the luminaires that leave the premises of Airfal have an important social component, since 2% of the profits of each luminaire sold goes destined to the Residence Manuel de Artero of Atades Huesca, a non-profit association, declared of public interest that aims to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.

In addition, around 80% of the Airfal luminaires are assembled in occupational workshops or work enclaves of people with intellectual disabilities.