WaLed: LED technology applied to watertight lighting

WaLed: LED technology applied to watertight lighting.The very highest specifications in current LED technology 

applied to a tubular design watertight light fitting. It features IP67 levels of protection, and has a polycarbonate body, zamak nickel-plated end-caps and a shiny aluminium reflector. It has polycarbonate anti-vandal clamps and has an estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours at the optimum temperature.

Its strong points are its performance and the amount of light it emits with minimum energy consumption, ensuring that the installation pays for itself in a shorter period of time. WaLed is suitable for numerous applications, its use in industry, public places and infrastructures standing out, whilst not forgetting all types of decorative applications, given that the light emitted, together with the frosted colour of the tube, make it an industrial light fitting with a highly aesthetic character. Technology, Energy Efficiency and Design in the new light fitting from Airfal International.