Here are some of the Lighting projects for shops and stores conducted with Airfal luminaires.

Nestlé Chile S.A., and with its Purina division, has built an industrial plant for the manufacture of pet food, in Chile. For the lighting of this factory, the Mustang luminaire model manufactured by Airfal was used. This LED luminaire has a degree of protection IP 68 that offers a total protection against dust and against […]

Airfal International luminaires illuminate the new San Mamés stadium in Bilbao. The stadium is the training center of the Athletic Bilbao soccer team, but it also houses a municipal sports center and an underground athletics track.

The Pull & Bear clothing chain, belonging to the large Inditex group, lights up part of its stores with Airfal’s TR3 luminaire.

A lighting project for a Women’s Spa for which Airfal’s TR4 model was used to great effect. 

An exclusive hotel & spa in Bahrain at which to relax, and enjoy while relaxing.

A luxury residential building in Lebanon that uses the Downlight and Luxstar luminaires. The first is a recessed luminaire for non-integrated compact fluorescent lamps, ideal for commercial establishments or anywhere requiring high dust and water resistance. The Luxstar model is the predecessor of the Supra luminaire.

Going to the cinema is a quintessential recreational activity, capable of bringing whole families together in front of the same screen. The Reel Cinemas in Dubai offer a wide range of the latest releases. The Luxstar model – predecessor of the Supra luminaire – has been used to illuminate these premises.

Relaxation and comfort combine at the Gold Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Ghana. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the city. Minideltas from the Airfal catalogue were chosen to illuminate this hotel, a small decorative strip light that is perfect for industrial and commercial use. With a light and slim design, this strip light is […]

Luminaire: Delta

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