Social Commitment


We promote the integration of people with intellectual disabilities

Committed to the well-being of citizens

We are aware of the problems of the society in which we live, which is why we strive to make our world a little bit better


José Luis Zazurca Foundation – Vértice

Committed to people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

The main mission of its occupational centre is to promote the personal development of the intellectually disabled person, allowing them, insofar as possible, to maintain their independence whilst encouraging human relationships and developing their self-esteem.


A non-profit organisation that offers help to people in work, educational and social environments.

Among the many services provided by the organisation, are the day centre and occupational centre, where young people and adults with intellectual disabilities are prepared for job placement and helped with personal development and social integration.

ADISCIV – Cinco Villas Association for People With Intellectual Disability

A non-profit social organisation that runs day care and occupational programmes, as well as residential programmes for people with intellectual disabilities in the Cinco Villas region.

Ejea SCIS – Ejea Social Initiative Cooperative Society

Entity created by and made up of mental health workers from Aragón who provide comprehensive mental health care.

They promote the creation of care and rehabilitation services and residential resources in the community, with a particular focus on social and labour insertion.

Rey Ardid Foundation

The foundation was set up to support vulnerable people affected by mental illness, older people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and various groups at risk of social exclusion.

Its occupational workshop is one of its most notable programmes and is the result of joint collaboration, with many of its users now forming part of the Airfal International staff.

AFAR: Nuestra Señora del Pilar Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy

An association that works for the integration of people with mental health problems. Their occupational workshop at the Centre prepares finished and semi-finished products for Airfal International.

Picarral Foundation

A foundation working for equal opportunities for all to prevent social exclusion, through training and social and labour insertion.

Originally a joint collaboration, a social employment centre was opened three years ago at the facilities of Airfal International so that users of the foundation could develop their professional activity and prepare themselves for entering the labour market with more real and rigorous knowledge. The collaboration was very successful for both parties.

We donated 2% of our profits to Valentia, an organisation that promotes actions to improve the lives of people with intellectual disability


Premio Peón 2014, awarded by the Rey Ardid Foundation
SOLIDAR Two Star Certificate 2016 and 2017, awarded by the Association of Solidarity Entrepreneurs
Kairós 2017, in recognition of a close collaboration during the Foundation’s 15-year history
Aragón Company and Future award in the Socially Responsible Company category
Women and CSR 2014 award, awarded by ARAME
Awarded the CSR Seal by the Government of Aragón in recognition of Airfal as a socially responsible company