We design integral technological solutions for security lighting to turn any facility into a smart entity. Our services make possible the remote surveillance, control and preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment and the incorporation of different sensors and/or monitoring devices, providing added value to our customers’ activities and demonstrating a clear commitment to industry 4.0.

In order to do this, we listen to our customers and gain a clear understanding of their needs, and then we develop and implement the necessary solutions to improve their activities and their strategic indicators, including safety performance and carbon footprint.


The carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly or indirectly by an individual, organisation, event or product. Committed to the environmental improvement of the company and the products we supply, Airfal offers the following services aimed at reducing environmental impact:


We contribute towards improving the energy efficiency of installations by providing the most advanced solutions on the market, conducting studies on lighting needs, carrying out diagnostics and by offering an energy consumption consultancy service.

To do this, we have an experienced team of professionals who identify the lighting needs, taking into account the technical and operational requirements of the installation itself and the activity to be carried out, and propose the most energy-efficient and technically advanced solution on the market, as well as solutions that contribute to the well-being of users while improving their productivity based on the Human Centric Lighting concept.


The advanced management of the preventive maintenance of your company’s lighting installations offers significant benefits such as a high level of safety in the work areas, better illumination of spaces and improved productivity and ergonomics.

With our control solutions, you will have adequate diagnostics and future adaptations of your lighting needs that will help lower your maintenance costs.


ATENEA includes an installation, renovation and configuration (commissioning) service, as well as integration of the smart solution and improvement of existing installations, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Innovation is one of our hallmarks, and not only applies to our products, but also to our installation services and latest-generation tools in terms of functionality, safety, communication and connectivity, technology and respect for the environment.