Airfal lights up the new Pull& Bear stores

The clothing store chain Pull& Bear, part of the large Inditex group, is lighting part of its stores with the Airfal TR3 model luminaire.

The new premises, which have changed their image, focus on open spaces and the brightness of every corner.

Airfal International is doing its bit in the new image of Pull& Bear stores. The Inditex group brand has been presenting a new image for some months now in which lighting plays a key role, with the TR3 model present in all its testers. The chain of stores has opted for an environment in lighter shades, simple decoration and more powerful lighting. The set of measures offers a much clearer image with a style inspired by the surf and coast of California very modern.

The Airfal TR3 model is present in the fitting room area of the new Pull& Bear stores, an area where lighting is a key factor in purchasing decisions. In the case of the TR3, it is installed on both sides of the tester mirrors, focusing the light source on the clothing and on the person being tested. This placement of the luminaires offers shadeless lighting, much brighter and more flattering, which makes the fitting room a pleasant space for the customer. This feeling of comfort increases the willingness to buy and therefore increases the group’s results.

TR3, is a tubular watertight luminaire that offers high performance with IP67 and IK07 watertightness. The model has an industrial and modern design that fits perfectly with the decoration of the store, but also allows its installation in purely industrial areas such as a warehouse or a loading and unloading area.

Pull& Bear is the youngest brand of the giant Inditex and since its creation in 1991 it has expanded to more than 68 markets with around 900 stores. From the multinational, they assure that Pull& Bear designs spaces to communicate a message, a place with its own style where the furniture plays an essential role.

The Airfal TR3 luminaire is a model in high demand by architects and engineers, as its lighting characteristics, its high protection against impact and the penetration of water and dust, as well as the wide working temperature at which it can operate make it perfect for many installations.