Lighting project for El Nuevo Malecón

The Nuevo Malecón is a football stadium located in the Cantabrian town of Torrelavega. Its structure and modern design with industrial touches made its architect, Javier Terán, choose the Airfal TR3 model. A luminaire with IP67 protection, perfect for outdoor use.
The design of this project has the signature of Javier Terán of MMIT Arquitectos. For Terán, light plays a fundamental role in the design of his projects, as they allow the building to stop being a football field and become an element of urban lighting.
The architect explains the reason for the Airfal TR3, as it matched the objectives projected in the field. A simple fixture, to provide good lighting and economic maintenance. At the same time, the design with tubes fitted us into the design of installations seen in clear reference to the industry of the city of Torrelavega.