Technology and customization to ensure intelligent lighting solutions in the different spaces of the pharmaceutical industries

Our team of professionals values the special needs of each pharmaceutical industry to design a customized solution that ensures precision, energy efficiency and quality in daily work.

Safety is also key in this sector. Pharmaceutical industries integrate susceptible substances that are capable of forming a Potentially Explosive Atmosphere or ATEX, therefore it is the company’s obligation to ensure the safety and health of its workers. Thanks to our extensive experience in ATEX lighting and our own intelligent system, Airfal Atenea, we offer comprehensive solutions to our customers, including installation service, renovation, configuration (commissioning) and integration of the lighting system and improvement of existing facilities.

Our services make possible the supervision and remote control of the equipment, their preventive maintenance and their integration into different sensors and / or monitoring devices, thus adding value to the activities of companies and demonstrating a clear commitment to industry 4.0. In this manner, listening to and understanding the needs of our customers we provide effective solutions to improve their actions and strategic indicators.

Our luminaires adapt to the requirements of the industry’s own materials and the conditions of the pharmaceutical industries, being protected against impacts or other risks.