Airfal participates in the Light Middle East trade fair

Airfal International is about to to Dubai to participate in Light Middle East 2016, the largest lighting fair in the Middle East, which will be held on October 31, 1 and 2 November. Many manufacturers of light fixtures are participating in this event to showcase their latest developments and new products.

Airfal will attend Light Middle East 2016,, the largest lighting fair in the Middle East. The event will take place on October 31, 1 and 2 November in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The fair brings together around 350 companies around the world and is a unique showcase for the latest developments in the world of lighting. It is also an important platform where manufacturers, architects, engineers and installers can exchange knowledge and experiences.

The lighting manufacturer Airfal is attending this fair as an exhibitor for the second time, with amazing new developments in its catalog. Airfal will present the most prominent models of the ATEX range of products, as well as Waterproof and LED light fixtures, a technology that has made significant progress, and became mainstream in the last few years.

ATEX luminaires

Airfal is the only Spanish company that manufactures ATEX luminaires, and it Airfal will highlight this range of product during this trade fair. The quality of its luminaries, exclusivity and possibilities of customization, are an important bet for the Aragonese company. Airfal will present 3 luminaires of the ATEX range: Flame, Pyros and Secure.
Flame: this special luminaire for explosive atmospheres, IP68 and IK10 is manufactured according to ATEX 94/9 / EC standards. Due to its characteristics and its polycarbonate body, the Flame is ideal for loading and unloading fuel areas , for power plants, warehouses of paintings, for solvents and waste treatment plants as well as reservoirs, and fertilizer treatment areas.
Secure: a fluorescent luminaire with protection “nR” (restricted breathing), 3G and D category with a degree IP68 that offers complete protection against dust and water penetration during a prolonged immersion. Thanks to its construction material, this luminaire is IK 10, the highest level of impact protection applicable to luminaires. Being specifically designed for ATEX Zones 2 and 22, it is suitable for installation in places where they can appear sporadically, and never in normal operations, potentially explosive gases or dust.
Pyro: the Pyro model is an ATEX flameproof fluorescent luminaire made up of a polycarbonate tube and aluminum caps. Due to its composition and materials, it is suitable to operate in environments that may form or be present in explosive atmosphere classified as Zone 1 and / or 21 according to ATEX 94/9 / EC.

Watertight luminaries

Will introduce the Supra, belonging to the family of watertight luminaire. Airfal brings to the fair with its luminaire Supra, a model built completely in the company premises. It is a luminaire with an IP65, perfect for installation in damp and foreign local and has marking F, making it possible to be mounted on flammable surfaces. Airfal enabled a ship of 1,200 m² located in the industrial area of San Isidro, Spain, with an investment of over a million and a half euros for the production of this model.
Another model that is presented by Airfal at the fair is the Oven luminaire. This luminaire was created in Airfal laboratories and tested bya specialized technical team that is able to withstand temperatures of up to 200 ° C with IP68 and IK07. This luminaire is perfect for furnaces, industrial bells or foundries.

LED lights

Lighting manufacturers also appear in this edition of the fair its brand new Piston light fixture. A luminaire with LED modules, waterproof and IP65 protection. It is perfect for garages, warehouses and loading and unloading areas as well as industrial and storage areas. You can work in areas where temperatures can range from -20 ° C and 40 ° C.
Airfal in the Middle East
Years ago, the Aragonese manufacturers, made a major commitment to export from making that decision the sales figures abroad have been increasing year by year. In 2015 exports accounted for over 52% of its production.
Airfal exported all over the world, but in the last five years the increase in sales to the Middle East region has been remarkable, with a presence in countries such as UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait or Bahrain among others. Include projects like the Mall of Qatar, Al Furjan Villas in Dubai, the Business Center Wafra Real Estate in Kuwait, the Gulf Hotel in Barrin or the Center of the Presidential Guard of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirate, among others.
From the Department of exports, it is estimated that in 2016, Airfal will reach a turnover of half a million euros in the Middle East. The most demanded lighting in the area are watertight, and more specifically the Supra light, highly valued for being made in Spain.