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Pharmaceutical Industry
European Biopharmaceutical manufacturer
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Safety Technology Experience


Our Customer, a leading European Pharmaceutical group with multiple outlets, had a requirement to reduce its carbon footprint and provide localized but remote-controlled lighting levels from a single control point. Top priority within this investment plan was to reduce carbon emissions and save on general energy consumption while safely operating within a hazardous area environment, by using the ATEX and IECex certified Intelligent Pyros lighting fixtures a number of prerequisites were met as shown below:

  • Occupancy lighting levels were greatly reduced
  • Considerable reductions were discovered on the CO2 consumption calculations
  • KWh savings per annum will be achieved

The priority within this investment plan was to reduce carbon emissions and save on overall energy consumption while operating safely within a potentially explosive area environment

Technological safety solution with a robust, high-quality LED light fitting designed and manufactured in Europe, with IECEX and ATEX certifications for operations in Zones 21 and 22, II 2 GD Ex db IIB+H2 T6 Gb Ex tb IIIC T85ºC Db, IP66 protection level for operations in temperatures ranging from –20º C to +50º C. Its tubular construction prevents the accumulation of dust, potentially explosive, on the luminaires which is of upmost importance in this type of facilities, facilitating also its cleaning and minimizing risks

  • Luminaires monitoring
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Detection of anomalies and warnings
  • Scalable System
  • Easy-to-install, with minimal running costs
  • Anticipation and prevention of incidents during installation, operation and maintenance
  • Compatible with SCADA Systems
  • Setting zones and adaptation of scenes with specific lighting characteristics
  • Optimization and maximization of resources


Developing a smart, easy-to-use ATEX wireless lighting solution for both new and existing (retrofit) facilities without increasing or changing existing wiring.


  • Improved Safety in operations
  • Excellent energy and maintenance costs savings
  • Major carbon footprint reduction
  • Increased end of life operation

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