Airfal sheds light on Kuwait’s MotorTown

Airfal International will light up Kuwait’s MotorTown circuit for Formula 1 and MotoGP. The luminiare Piston ECO, manufactured entirely in Airfal premises, has been chosen to illuminate part of this great Kuwaiti project. This operation is not the only one carried out by Airfal in the Middle East, since this area represents an important market share of the Company activities.

Airfal International sheds light on the new Formula 1 and MotoGP circuit of Kuwait, a project born to be a benchmark for motorsports in the world. The company that tenders the project has requested Airfal to manufacture more tan  2,500 Piston ECO luminaires, a light fixture made in Spain,  that will be destined to the different spaces within the circuit itself.

The luminaires, which have already begun to be delivered, will be used to lighten  the car park and other  facilities, as well as the circuit itself, which will have the Grade 1 Status of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The chosen luminaire, the PISTON ECO model, is manufactured entirely at Airfal premises. Airfal carries out the whole manufacturing process, from the injection of the carcasses, to the assembly lines, using components that are MADE IN SPAIN, which is  highly valued in the Middle East, since it is synonymous of high quality.

This waterproof light fixture has an IP65 and IK07 protections, which makes it very resistant to shocks, offering protection from moisture and dust penetration. The Piston ECO is equipped with state-of-the-art LED modules, that combine energy efficiency with excellent lighting performance. It reaches a power of 32W and can emit 4.750lm. The standard LED modules are 4,000 ° K, although it is possible to order  other color temperatures.

The Kuwait Motor Town project will not only house a circuit and its corresponding facilities, but will also have a shopping center, a hotel and a lake, presenting itself to the world as a place for families and sports leisure.

Airfal projects in the Middle East

Since Airfal International was born more than 30 years ago, the Middle East has always been key for its export strategy, accounting for an important percentage of the turnover. Project managers in this area of the world highly value the quality offered by Airfal, with  the latest European components of the market and a highly qualified technical team.

Many projects have been carried out in the Middle East with  Airfal luminaires in the Middle East. Recently, Airfal was chosen as the provider of light fixtures for the Qatar Metro, a Project that  will be developed over the next few months. The company has also illuminated the Financial District of Saudi Arabia, with the luminaire ATEX Minex and the Ministry of Education of Kuwait, with the TR3 light fixture, among other projects.

Besides, Airfal has presented its new luminaires at the Light & Building Middle East in Dubai, introducing new products  every year. Likewise, both the Export Department and the Technical Department travel to the Middle East frequently,  to advise  designers and builders on lighting for new projects

Solidarity lighting

Airfal s continuing his journey in search of Excellence, providing social work for the labor and social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.