Airfal will be showing at the Light&Building Exhibition 2016.

Airfal International S.L., the light fittings manufacturer will be showing at the Light&Building trade fair in Frankfurt. For this edition, Airfal will be making a major commitment to LED lighting, but will also be showing the latest additions to its catalogue, such as the Supra model as well as the most important ATEX models.

Zaragoza, 1st February 2016.- Airfal International, manufacturer of high technical specification light fittings from the Aragon region, will be taking part once again in the Light&Building fair which will take place in Frankfurt from the 13th to the 18th March. Airfal has been showing its new products at the lighting industry’s most important show, for more than 20 years, and this year there will be more than 2,500 exhibitors on show with an expected 200,000 visitors attending from all over Europe.

Airfal will be located at stand 3.1 B79, and at their stand will be showcasing the latest models that have been included in the catalogue as well as, amongst others, the most important ATEX products or light fittings made specifically for high temperatures.

Waterproof light fittings:

From the waterproof light fittings range, Airfal International will be showing the fluorescent and LED version of the Supra model. This light fitting is wholly manufactured at the Airfal facilities and is available in fluorescent, T5, T8 and LED tubes, with an ABS or PC body and polycarbonate or acrylic diffusers, according to client demands. All this as well as being dust resistant and IP65 water resistant, along with its solid construction.

Apart from the Supra model, Airfal will be showcasing the Piston model at the Light&Building show, including an IP65 and LED modules.

ATEX Light Fittings

The Flame light fitting is a special lamp for explosive, IP68 and IK10 environments, and is manufactured in accordance with the ATEX 94/9/CE directive. Due to its features and polycarbonate body, the Flame model is ideal for fuel loading and unloading areas, electric power stations, solvent and paint stores or waste and deposit treatment plants, as well as fertiliser treatment areas.

Light fittings for extreme conditions

Airfal will be showcasing the Oven and TR2 high temperature models.

The first of these is a light fitting especially designed for extremely high temperatures, such as ovens and dryers, amongst others, where the use of fluorescents is not possible.

The Oven working temperature limit is 200°C and its body is manufactured from borosilicate glass. Surprisingly, this light fitting does not require a control device, and works directly from the mains.

Additionally, the TR2 for high temperatures is a new version of the TR2 waterproof model and can work in areas with temperatures of up to 80°, but was previously limited to 58 W 1 tube models. The Airfal technicians have managed to double the lighting power with two tubes without reducing the temperature at which it works. This has been achieved by separating the fluorescent tubes and the equipment into two parts. In this way we managed to achieve a double-bodied single light fitting joined by a cable. The equipment’s body is completely separate from the high temperature areas, while the fluorescent tubes remain in the area exposed to temperatures of up to 80°.

Waterproof LED lighting

Airfal will also be showcasing waterproof LED light fittings at the Light&Building 2016 exhibition; technology that is on the up given the great advantages it brings to clients and users alike. The company from Aragon will be showing the Pegaso, Mustang, Range, Thunder, Silver, Orion and Excalibur models at the German show. These light fittings stand out due to them being highly water and dust resistant, as well as being shock-proof. This, along with the low installation and maintenance costs, and the quality of light emitted, makes these LED light fittings the lighting of the future.