Healthcare lighting and lighting for hospital or clinic patient rooms

healthcare lightingThe hospital environment has very specific lighting requirements. Optimum conditions must be ensured by meeting multiple expectations: for doctors and nursing staff, lighting must be able to work in good conditions. For patients, it is the atmosphere that counts, and the need to create an ambient that inspires well-being.

A patient’s room is very complex from the point of view of lighting, as both patient and  staff expectations have to be taken into account. At any time, the patient needs a calm, stress-free environment to feel safe and promote healing and well-being. On the other hand, hospital staff  needs sufficient lighting to examine and treat patients, administer medication and take notes.

As revealed in a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, illumination in a hospital environment can have a significant impact on patients’ health, impacting on their sleep, mood or perceived pain levels.

The study found that, on average, the patients in the study were exposed to about 105 lux (a measure of light emission) every day. It is a very low level of light; As a comparison, in an office you will usually be exposed to about 500 lux and, a sunny day could provide as much as 100,000 lux.

In this study, the rooms were so dimly lit that many inpatients had difficulty sleeping. The body needs a minimum of 1,500 lux for 15 minutes a day, just to maintain a normal sleep-wake cycle, but ideally this level should be closer to 4,000 for a healthy sleep.

Airfal, specialist in technical lighting, has a real expertise, and produces specific luminaires adapted to the lighting of  hospital rooms. Benefiting from Airfal’s know-how, our range of luminaires for the hospital environment integrates the latest technologies to provide efficient and economical lighting..

Airfal has developed lighting specifically for the hospital environment: the Sanium model, which combines modularity and the possibility of customization. Compliant with international standards, Airfal’s Sanium luminaire  also combines safety and hygiene, and is ideal for hospitals and clinics.

With its functional design, the Sanium model offers a high degree of modularity that allows it to be adapted to the specific needs of each hospital or clinic.

The Sanium luminaire  meets all the requirements of the hospital environment: comfort and functionality for the patient (lighting, electrical accessories), but also respect of safety and hygiene standards, and a real efficiency for the staff (easy connection, ergonomics, luminous efficiency, …). This luminiare  is therefore perfectly suited to the requirements of the hospital environment.

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