Lighting in commercial spaces

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a business, be it large or small. The lighting says much of our business and is essential part of the image of brand that we want to project, mostly in large establishments, that even count with protocols and lighting decalogues to unify all their stores.

These establishments have some characteristics of installation different to other large surfaces since they remain lit during open hours uninterrupted. The use should be therefore the most reduced possible to avoid that high billing costs, without harm to the light quality. In addition, the luminaries of these facilities should have an attractive design in concordance with the rest of the shop.


Another relevant aspect of stores lighting is that they have different spaces with different functions and needs, just like not all businesses require the same type of lighting. The first thing we find in a shop is his showcase, whose main function is to seduce, attract and differentiate themselves from the rest of them. After crossing door´s threshold, we must find a space open that shows the products offered. Inside the shop we distinguish various areas such as the counter, the shelving or changing rooms in the case of a clothing store.


The lighting in these cases is an integral part of the architecture, since it helps to design the spaces, but is also a marketing strategy, more specifically lighting marketing.  Light, its color, its heat, its position and its adaptation to the distribution of space influences on the client and his state of mind, and this, well adjusted, translates into a greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.  The light, through the combination of shades and lighting, allows pointing out certain products or sections, while ignores what we want to pass unnoticed, as a warehouse door or a shelf with non-priority products to sell. Also, the lighting can mark the road towards the box, to the changing rooms or to an article on sale.

Ilumunación de las Bodegas Enate por Airfal

Which luminaire I have to use?

For showcase lighting, Airfal proposes the use of Downlights, offering a clear, attractive and quality light and it does not have a high use cost. In interiors, lighting should be less intense that in showcases and is advisable that only be one temperature of color.

For the area of shelves Airfal experts recommend the use of decorative luminaires, like the model F40 or Cobra, that allow its placement in different shapes such as squares and blades and focus the light in specific areas. This formula is used mainly in grocery stores or clothing department stores

As mentioned, light is another form of marking the way, and for the corridors of supermarkets, for example, Airfal advises the use of the luminaire Delta in Rails. Rails serve as a purely mechanical fixture support, but also allow the option of including inside power cables and also place the connectors between the luminaire and the rail. This solution is perfect for large areas requiring long rows of light.

A luminaire very used in these structures is the Nevada, that in addition to offer light of quality has a great versatility thanks to the possibility of making different forms and figures and the variety of colors available. On the other hand can be built with diffuser or louver, and besides in stores, is often used in children’s playgrounds.

To give a better finish to the wall area, a solution widely used in the industry is the molding installation. It “hides’ the luminaire behind a small rise in plaster. Thus the model is hidden, but projects the light towards the ceiling or the floor, as appropriate to the design. For this application Airfal advises the use of Minideltas, a lightweight and slim, perfect for areas where there are space limitations. Some major chains of Spanish stores as day, Bonárea or Pull & Bear illuminate their spaces with our technical luminaires.

In recent years, modern architecture is inspired by industrial and functional designs. Industrial battens fit perfectly in them. As an example the Museum and the public winery Enate, that has made use of the model Minidelta for their halls.

Another very useful tool for the illumination of shops is the use of control systems. This method allows to have a lighting system that offers the possibility of adapting to the needs of each installation and situation, creating an environment suitable for every moment and providing both a high degree of comfort and high energy savings. In the installation of a store you can combine circuits connected to regulators, and other non-dimmable circuits.

This combination of the two types of circuits allows emphasizing areas and create different environments within the samecomercios store. All the Airfal luminaires are prepared to integrate into a dimmable system, from the Superdelta till the TR1, passing through the Metallic

The energy savings that regulation and control systems can provide, has a very positive effect from the ecological point of view, since it allows to decrease the energy use cost, lamp changing and also helps to preserve the environment.

Another high demand alternative in stores is the LED technology, which offers significant energy and economy savings in addition to light quality. Airfal has a wide range of waterproof luminaires with LED modules and tubes, very requested by the installers. In the past year, there have been several large brands that have installed our luminaires in shopping malls and supermarkets, as the TR3 in the Mall Plaza Tlalne Fashion Mall in Mexico D.F

LED technology, booming from these past years, is being associated much more to home automation, that is defined as the integration of technology in the intelligent design of an enclosed space. This allows to control the lighting from different devices, thus promoting the efficient management of the lighting fixtures, even from a distance.