Lighting solutions for the food and agriculture industries

The choice of lighting in the food industry is often complex, given the particular characteristics of these manufacturing areas. The choice of lighting depends on many factors such as the purpose of the lighting, the temperature of the working area and the layout of the installations.

AIRFAL INTERNATIONAL recently presented the FARM LED light fixture to the food industry. This model was created with the aim of satisfying the growing demands of this sector of activity, determined, among other things, by these factors:

  • High competitiveness resulting in a necessary reduction in production costs, which implies the use of luminaires with a maximum useful life, for less frequent replacements.
  • Binding regulations that comply with food safety (hygiene and sanitation) and worker safety requirements in the various work areas.
    Lighting in the food industry presents three main problems: the need for maximum hygiene, the range of temperatures found in these installations and limited budgets.


Importance of hygiene

One of the guiding principles of the agri-food sector is that the materials and equipment used in these facilities must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, sometimes not only with water, but also with other substances that allow maximum disinfection.

The FARM LED light is perfect for installation in the food industry because it has a protection degree IPX9K (DIN 40050-9), which allows cleaning with water jets under pressure, usually with industrial cleaners.

In addition, its tubular shape and lack of corners and edges prevent the accumulation of debris and is much easier to clean. Its methacrylate body allows it to be handled with certain cleaning products, such as acetone, which are harmful to certain materials, but to which methacrylate can resist.

The FARM LED luminaire also has an IK10 impact protection rating, which makes it virtually unbreakable and prevents it from cracking or breaking, and avoids the risk of harmful particles falling onto the products.

Wide temperature range

The food industry has various compartments or rooms in which the temperature can vary considerably, since they can be cold zones or cooking zones at high temperatures.

The FARM LED light for the food industry can operate from -20° to +40° C, a temperature range that covers all temperatures encountered in this type of installation.

Energy savings

The objective of an appropriate lighting system is to provide a comfortable working environment and meet minimum visual performance requirements.

In addition, lighting is an important factor in the company’s energy consumption, reaching values between 20 and 30% of total consumption, so having an efficient lighting system will help reduce costs.

Lighting is always the last item to be installed, which means that the budget for this item is always reduced compared to the other items. In addition, the maintenance and costs of the installation itself must be kept as low as possible at all times.

The Airfal FARM LED model for the food industry is characterised by its low power consumption and long service life of up to 50,000 hours. In addition, its high light output and low heat emission make it perfect for any space. It can be regulated and has a very low energy consumption, which means a reduction in the electricity bill.