Class II, LED and DALI, bad companions

In recent months, customers have been increasingly demanding Class II luminaires with LED modules and standard DALI dimming, which Airfal’s technical department advises against due to the lack of guarantees for their correct operation. To better understand why this is so, it is important to know what a Class II luminaire is.

Quality office lighting: 5 criteria to take into account

There can be no quality office lighting without a lighting project, as it will determine the photometric characteristics of the installation.

In particular, the average lighting level to be maintained depends on the use and people. For example, lighting levels for older people are not the same as the ones for younger people.
Quality office lighting will maintain its performance over time. Today, the evolution cycles of buildings and their uses are faster.

Lighting must therefore be able to meet the needs of these different developments. For example, a lighting system that can be upgraded – which can be used in English – will be able to be connected later, even if it was not connected when it was installed. In fact, quality lighting will be achieved through LED sources. T8 and even T5 fluorescent tubes are no longer relevant.

Modern lighting

Finally, quality lighting is also modern lighting. Thus, LED sources allow innovative product designs compared to historical sources. Through the lighting, it is the image of the company that is conveyed, because it fulfills a decorative function beyond the functional aspects.

Advantages of quality office lighting

1 – No visual discomfort

First of all, thanks to the absence of visual discomfort, quality office lighting will enable users to perform the tasks assigned to them in an efficient manner. It is thanks to an appropriate lighting level and limited glare that photometric performance will be achieved.

2 – Employee well-being

Secondly, because lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere in work areas, it will contribute to the well-being of employees.

3 – Appropriation of space

Personalisation of lighting will be part of the work space of staff. With little cost, modern, high-quality lighting allows workers to really take over the space, because they will be able to adapt the lighting service to their needs. Benefiting from an adapted and comfortable working environment, employees will be even more efficient.

4 – Positive image of the company

A positive image of the company is also one of the advantages of quality lighting. With LED and automatic management systems, the company will provide an updates image. For example, by controlling the presence in offices and daylight, it will give a modern look.

5 -Energy and maintenance savings

Finally, quality lighting saves energy and maintenance. These savings are a benefit that results from a well run lighting project. However, they should not be an objective in themselves.

Airfal designs a special luminaire for work areas and work places

Airfal International has recently launched  a new  luminaire for work areas. This light fixture, the MODULAR luminaire, combines a classic design with cutting-edge technology, achieving a high visual comfort. The Modular luminaire is ideal for offices, shopping centers and supermarkets.

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ATEX LED MAX, the new luminaire for zone 2-22 made by Airfal

Airfal International expands its family of light fixtures for explosive atmospheres with a highly innovative product, manufactured by the company. The ATEX LED MAX luminaire is a light fixture  that can be installed as a hood and as a projector, and has a protection for Zone 2-22.

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Airfal sheds light on Kuwait’s MotorTown

Airfal International will light up Kuwait’s MotorTown circuit for Formula 1 and MotoGP. The luminiare Piston ECO, manufactured entirely in Airfal premises, has been chosen to illuminate part of this great Kuwaiti project. This operation is not the only one carried out by Airfal in the Middle East, since this area represents an important market share of the Company activities.
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Logix, the new Airfal luminaire for industry and retail

Airfal International ha desarrollado un nuevo producto creado específicamente para cubrir las necesidades de las grandes industrias y el sector retail. El modelo LOGIX dispone de distintas ópticas, gracias a las cuales, ofrece la máxima iluminación desde alturas elevadas. LOGIX se presentará al mercado nacional en la feria EFICAM de Madrid, los días 11 y […]

New products, new designs and new strategy at the Airfal Sales Convention

Airfal International has gathered its national sales network to present  this year’s new developments, among which is the launch of the new division of Projects and Large Accounts. Likewise, the representatives have discovered the products on which the R & D department is currently working and that will be launched in the coming months, among other innovations.  

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Raúl Alegre, appointed new key account manager – Airfal

As part of the ongoing efforts of strengthening our customer relations, Airfal has decided to bolster the sales department by appointing since july 15th Raúl Alegre as our new Key Account and Large Projects Manager for the home market. Our company thus inaugurates its new Projects division.

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Lighting for refrigerated areas and cold rooms

Given the growing demand for fresh products, the need for refrigerated space is increasing in logistics centers and supermarkets. Appropriate lighting is essential in refrigerated warehouses because it helps to preserve the quality of stored food and helps employees to perform their work safely. Effective lighting must also take into account optimization of capital investment and maintenance costs. Read more

Airfal summer hours changes

One more year and within the WORK-HOME BALANCE AND SERVICE PLAN, which allow the balance between the work life and the personal life of our team, we change the work schedule during the summer.

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Atades Huesca receives 2% of Airfal’s profits

Airfal donates 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca. This action, framed in the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the company, will serve to reform in part the Manuel Artero residence of the Foundation.
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Aranzadi Park wins the 2016 AZ Awards

The Aranzadi Park has won the 2016 AZ Awards who is granted by the design magazine Azure. The Aranzadi Park, projected by Aldayjover Architects, receives the award to  the Best Temporary Architecture.

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Airfal is giving away 2% of its profits to Atades Huesca

This year, Airfal will fund a multi sensory area in the assisted living center Manuel Artero of Atades Huesca, giving 2% of its 2015 profits. This action is part of the Airfal  Social Responsibility Plan, which includes other actions such as the creation of work enclaves within its facilities. Read more

Airfal International: growth and new production capacity

The Aragonese company, which celebrates its 30 th anniversary, plans to increase its turnover by 11% this year, thanks to the increase of its production capacity. Today Airfal fully manufactures some of its lighting fixtures, focusing on producing its luminaires locally.

Thanks to a  strong growth, the manufacturer of luminaires Airfal plans to hire new employees to meet the exponential increase of  its turnover.

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Airfal International at the Interlight Moscow Exhibition 2014

Airfal international will attend this year’s Interlight Moscow Fair, Russia, organized by Messe Frankfurt.

Airfal will present the very best of high tech luminaries, designed for reliable use in extreme conditions, as well as explosion-proof light fixtures. Airfal has many years of experience in that field, and has also earned several certifications such as the Gost certification for the Russian market. Read more