IP protection classes: the different degrees of protection in lighting

On many occasions, lighting fixtures must stand rough conditions and work for their intended period of time nevertheless they are set out to dirt, dust and humidity. Ingress of liquid and/or solid particles into lighting equipment can not only be harmful to the equipment, it can be dangerous to the operator. Therefore when buying industrial lighting fixtures, it is essential to know what degree of “ingress protection“, also called IP class, or IP rating the product offers. IP codes stands for “ ”  and sometimes also for “International Protection Rating” IP protection classes define how and where the lights can be used without any safety risk.

The protection rating indicates also the protection for people against potential dangers when using the equipment. With regard to suitability for various environments, the systems are divided into relevant IP codes).

 These IP ratings specify the following:

  1. Protection of persons.
  2. Protection of light fixtures (and electrical equipment) against the penetration of solid matter, including dust.
  3. Protection of light fixtures against the harmful effects of water

Explanation of IP Codes

ip protection class

An IP code consists of the letters “IP” and two digits. The first digit is 0…6 and the second 0…9.

Ingress Protection Classification

First Number : Degrees of protection against the infiltration of impurities

Second Number : Degrees of protection against the damaging effects of water


Protection Provided


Protection Provided


No Protection


No Protection


Protected against solid objects up to 50mm e.g. accidental touch by hands


Protected against vertically falling drops of water e.g. condensation


Protected against solid objects up to 12mm e.g. fingers


Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15 deg from the vertical


Protected against solid objects over 2.5mm e.g. tools


Protected against direct sprays of water up to 60 deg from the vertical


Protected against solid objects over 1mm e.g. wires


Protected against water sprayed from all directions – limited ingress permitted


Protected against dust – limited ingress (no harmful deposit)


Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions – limited ingress permitted


Protection against dust


Protected against high power water-jet streams

 7Immersion up to 1m


Protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m

 8Immersion beyond 1m


Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure

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Airfal adapts its TR2 for high temperatures and doubles its power

The lighting manufacturing company from Aragon in Spain has made some improvements to its TR2 waterproof model, in terms of both increasing its power as well as being able to withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. Customer demand for the product, as well as Airfal’s ability to create and customise its lighting, have made the new version of the TR2 a possibility, and it is perfect for industrial extractor hoods.
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Waterproof led lighting by Airfal applied to urban furniture



The Aranzadi Park is an area of ​​Pamplona in the north of the cit , between the neodighboods Chantrea and Rochapea . Throughout the centuries it has been a dedicated space with green gardens and recreational areas.

This metropolitan area is the second largest of Pamplona .
Some of the plots have been maintained for horticultural use , and other spaces of the forest to the river , keeping their traces and the value of its fruitful soil .

In order not to interfere with the landscape of the park, the architects wanted to use unique street furniture . In the words of the architect and director of works Aranzadi Jesus Arcos, furniture has to have “ simple and pure lines .” “You have to keep in mind what Aranzadi was, and we did not want to have furniture that broke with that environment ,” he said . Some of the banks use are illuminated by four tubular watertight polycarbonate luminaires with LED lighting. The fixtures are made ​​by Airfal International . ”
The illumination with led occupies less space, provides more strength and consumes less , “says Jesus Arcos. The architect notes that this type of lighting was previously installed indoors but this is the first time it is placed in a park , outside , with exclusively designed furniture para the Aranzadi park . Further, he stresses that this design avoids installing more furniture items, as streetlights. Similarly, the same elements that make up the gateway end up being used as picnic .
“It’s an area where many trees have been planted . The result will be like a line of light that is introduced in the forest with trees on both sides , “concludes Jesus Arcos.
The luminaire design had to meet the demanding needs of the project and for this, they used a combination of several models in the catalog of Airfal : Waled , TR1 and Tunnel, and several innovations to get a light with tube opal and IP68, with special reflectors that could be integrated into the urban furniture specially designed for Aranzadi Meander Park .

LuxLED, a waterproof luminaire based on LED technology

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Waterproof fixtures for high levels of humidity or dust

luminaria estancaIndustrial buildings with a high level of humidity or dust might need waterproof fixtures to meet standards and to help ensure an adequate level of security is attained. Airfal has  been manufacturing high quality lighting for the last 30 years , and has an extensive knowledge which we offer to enable you to choose the best solutions.

 Airfal offers a wide range of waterprooof luminaires, resistant to water, dust, vibration, low and high temperatures and shock for any industrial requirements.  These waterproof fittings are designed to reduce your energy consumption, with high energy efficiency, and they resist to corrosive environments. Airfal’s waterproof fittings are made with robust materials and high quality finishes. Furthermore, Airfal watertight luminaires are easy to install and maintain.

Airfal has developed a wide range of luminaires for a wide range of applications, with different levels of protection. Airfal watertight luminaires are perfectly suited for use in industrial premises, car parks, tunnels, bridges , technical areas , warehouses …

 Resist: a high quality tubular waterproof luminaire. Its 3.5 mm thick polycarbonate body gives it extraordinary shock resistance, with a protection rate of IK10. It is perfectly adapted to adverse conditions of dust and moisture due to its excellent sealing , obtaining a degree of protection IP68, submergible to a depth of 2 metres. I.

TR1 : This waterproof light fixture has been designed for use in industrial settings. The incorporation of high output filaments in this model renders it suitable for indoor use. Intended for installations requiring high efficiency and visual comfort, this waterproof model is appropriate for numerous architectural uses such as: General office lighting, offices, public areas, presentation rooms, business premises, bank branches… –

TR2 : A high quality tubular waterproof luminaire with maximum shock resistance, which supports hydrocarbons with no deterioration, obtaining a protection level of IP68, submergible to a depth of 2 metres. –

Tunnel : This watertight luminaire has been designed especially for use in tunnels, to absorb the vibrations generated by the vehicles that pass through these tunnels without affecting how it works. – its components are hard-wearing, lasting as much as three times longer than a conventional light fitting.

All the watertight luminaires of Airfal  comply with strict international standards and norms in accordance with the certificate DIN EN ISO 9001. Discover Airfal’s range of high quality  dust and waterproof luminaires.


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