The luminaires’ usage parameters:

  • 0% Time switched on
  • Energy consumption
  • Presence or movement detection time, if you install a presence sensor
    • Areas of the company with greatest movement detected
    • Option to set alerts in the event of movement in certain areas during specified times
  • Emergency Luminaire
  • Automatic emergency test (the device is self-testing, performed by the kit itself). Sends the result
  • Battery status (state of charge/no charge)
  • Number of times activated
  • In a future update, data will be provided regarding the quality of the electricity supply, possible overvoltages or voltage peaks, if any.

And the sensor parameters:

  • Presence sensor
  • Number of times activated
  • Activations per hour -> presence map by area
  • In the next Atenea update, it will be possible to customise the sensors at the client’s request. Some of those that will be available are CO2, light, silo height, vibrations, temperature and dust, among others