Airfal launches the Piston Eco Waterproof luminaire

Airfal International sends to the market its new luminaire Piston Eco, a waterproof model with IK07, manufactured in Airfal and that counts with LED modules of the latest generation. This model is perfect to be installed in humid areas and outdoors.

The aragones Company Airfal International, dedicated to the manufacturing of high specifications lighting, launches its new luminaire Piston Eco. This model sets itself in the LED luminaires family and is a new version of the Piston light fitting.

It is a watertight IP65, IK07 protection model, which makes it very resistant to impacts and protects it from moisture and dust penetration. The Piston ECO is equipped with LED modules of last generation that combine energy efficiency with excellent performance. Reaches a power of 32W and can emit 4. 750 lm. As standard the LED modules are 4.000° K, although it is possible to order other color temperatures.

Airfal fully manufactures its luminaires, therefore it is possible to modify parameters or attributes as appropriate to the installation and the designer. There is also the possibility of emergency equipment available for 1 to 3 hours, as well as configure its power or performance, consulting the technical department.

The Piston ECO´s internal chassis is lacquered steel and its diffuser is OPAL polycarbonate, while the body of the luminaire is high temperature A.B.S. For its installation, there are several possibilities: installed directly on the ceiling with clamping pieces or affix it with sheet metal or aluminum rail. It also includes a quick fitting which makes installation even easier.

The Piston ECO was created in order to meet the needs of some clients interested in the Piston, but that did not need so much light power. For this reason, from the Technical Department of Airfal the model has been modified so it could have only a strip of LED modules, diminishing its power in half, making it also more cost efficient,  always without diminishing its high energy efficiency.

In its version fluorescence and LED tubes, Airfal has its luminaire Supra, a model of recent launch and has already had a great acceptance in the market not only national, but also international. This fixture is used a lot in parkings, humid and outdoor areas, because its versatility makes it ideal for a multitude of environments.

Airfal in Dialux

DIALux is DIAL free software that enables the creation of professional lighting projects. Its operation, simple and intuitive, allows a quantitative analysis of an interior, exterior and road lighting project. Also, the program determines in parallel the energy consumption of your lighting project, for the fulfilment of the existing guidelines at national and international level.

Airfal has renewed the program data and already has the information updated of all the luminaires in the catalog, including the new Piston Eco. By installing a plugin, anyone interested in this kind of project, can have all the data of the luminaires.

Airfal has a section on its own website dedicated exclusively to this free service, which provides guidelines for download and all links of interest.