Lighting fixtures for gas stations

petrol pump luminaireLighting is a key factor for the proper functioning and the commercial success of a gas station. Lighting will guide your customers in the service station safely and with maximum visual comfort. Access and parking areas should be properly lighted, giving motorists a first impression of the station. Good lighting will help create an atmosphere conveying safety and quality. Researchers have found that the number of drivers turning into a gas-station and consequently the turnover of the business is affected by the quality of light. Better lighting encourages drivers to use a gas-station. Naturally, people are drawn to businesses that give a stronger sense of cleanliness, friendly service and an environment that feels safe and secure. A side effect of this tendency are the increased energy expenditures.

Lighting and fixtures must be designed to improve the energy efficiency of the petrol station. The costs related to lighting can significantly impact the financial results of your service station. In many cases, installation of an efficient lighting system will result in a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Improved safety

It is compulsory that the lighting system of the petrol pump complies with the environmental and safety legislations. Periodic checks must ensure that the lighting system operates properly and that it does not threaten the users.

In Europe, the safety legislation that applies to gas stations is derived from the European ATEX directive.  ATEX is the term used when referring to the European Unions (EU) Directive 94/9/EC . “ATEX” is derived from the French “Atmosphères Explosibles”. The Directive covers electrical and non-electrical equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This Directive requires , in systems with a risk of explosion, markup areas depends on the magnitude of this risk. These areas are subject to certain safety requirements , such as the smoking ban , the obligation to stop the engine in a service station and the exclusive use of approved electrical appliances in the same area. Fire safety, which is also the subject of a series of requirements , is also an important point of attention in the operation of a service station .

Light fittings for service stations in the Airfal range

Airfal features several explosion proof luminaires in its range of products for lighting in service stations and in hazardous areas .
SECURE is a light fixture specifically designed for being used in ATEX hazardous areas classed Zone 2 and 22 ( explosive atmospheres ), that is to say areas in which gases or dust creating a potentially explosive atmosphere may form , sporadically but not constantly.

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