Low temperature lighting and cold storage light fixtures

low temperarature lightingLow temperature and cold storage environments are really challenging regarding lighting. Airfal, manufacturer of industrial and technical lighting, has been developping light fittings to address these challenges, so that you can get enhanced visibility and safety in cold storage environments and in low temperature chain logistics.

Incandescent bulbs, which are scheduled to be discontinued, are not impacted by cold temperatures. However, the light bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs — compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) — are impacted by cold temperature,  though energy efficient.

Exposure to cold temperatures makes it difficult for the common CFLs to heat properly, affecting the level of illumination. Standard compact fluorescent bulbs decrease flux by up to 50 percent at 0 degrees Celsius. For that reason, the lighting industry is including substances in the bulbs, so as to enable compact fluorescent lights to work under temperatures as low as seventeen degrees below zero Celsius. For that reason, compact fluorescent bulbs takes an average warm up time of several minutes to reach full flux.

The TR3 light fixture has been developed for lighting in extreme temperature locations, such as refrigerators, freezers, coolers, and outdoor places in cold weather.

This cold weather light fixture can withstand temperatures of up to –40ºC. The variety of mounting systems allows this light fixture to be installed in places  exposed to very adverse weather conditions such as high winds, snow, heavy rain, etc. This luminaire has a degree of protection of IP 67 offering total protection against dust and against the penetration of water in prolonged immersion.