Street lighting: nearly 73 million units installed in 2026

Worldwide, the number of intelligent lights used for street lighting could reach 73 million in 2026, compared to 6.3 million in 2017.

These figures were published by Navigant Research in its new Smart Street Lighting for Smart Cities report. This study analyzes the evolution of smart technologies in street lighting and provides a forecast for their development and diffusion in the future.

New solutions for Smart Cities

The study looks at how smart public lighting can be used as a platform for additional applications in smart cities. It analyzes the factors driving transformation in the lighting market, including financial, environmental and economic, and assesses approaches to intelligent public lighting in different regions. The report also examines important smart street lighting projects and case studies of major deployments in this field at the international level.

With advances related to street lighting, cities are developing energy efficiency policies, seeking greater efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the safety and sustainability of municipalities, but how is this transformation expected to continue?

The report concludes that LED lamps are now an excellent alternative to street lighting already existing in many cities around the world. This could be furthered by the various innovative control systems which are also beginning to become widespread.

The sensors and other technologies that accompany these intelligent lighting networks offer new services such as air quality monitoring, traffic management, intelligent car parks and more.

Still according to forecasts by Navigant Reaserch, Europe could soon have the largest smart urban lighting installation, followed by Asia-Pacific and North America.