Aranzadi Park wins the 2016 AZ Awards

The Aranzadi Park has won the 2016 AZ Awards who is granted by the design magazine Azure. The Aranzadi Park, projected by Aldayjover Architects, receives the award to  the Best Temporary Architecture.

In Airfal we feel very proud of this award and would like to extend the congratulations  to the entire Airfal Team.

We are an important part of this project because our light fittings are placed along the whole  park. The fixture used foAranzadi 2r the Aranzadi meander project is a luminaire created exclusively for this job. The Architect firm wanted a strong, robust, watertight luminaire that supported weights higher than the 200 kg. and with LED modules, so it had to be matte.

The technical department sought that the new luminaire had maximum tightness and sturdiness (IP68 and IK9),  and the body of the TR1 was used, a 2 mm thick polycarbonate body, as well as end caps from the Tunnel model, made of ABS V0 self-extinguishing. In addition, a special internal chassis that let the light through from  the LED’s was designed,  partially  towards the top of the luminaire, and created an effect of “semitransparency” of the complete luminaire. On the other hand, they alternated normal luminaires with some empty ones, to create an effect “mosaic” or “Chess Board” over the bridges.

The Aranzadi Park has been recognized once more as a key project for setting a new model of relationship between a public space, the river and its flood, the landscape and the agricultural tradition. The project establishes a delicate balance between the centenary vegetable garden, the public use and the new flood spaces, which offers relief to the riverbed, prevents damages and it creates ecological rich wetlands.