Airfal adapts its TR2 for high temperatures and doubles its power

The lighting manufacturing company from Aragon in Spain has made some improvements to its TR2 waterproof model, in terms of both increasing its power as well as being able to withstand temperatures of up to 80 °C. Customer demand for the product, as well as Airfal’s ability to create and customise its lighting, have made the new version of the TR2 a possibility, and it is perfect for industrial extractor hoods.

Airfal International S.L. have created a new version of its watertight TR2 model, providing it with more power as well as allowing for installation in locations where temperatures may reach 80°. Due to customer demand, as well as market changes, the company from Aragon in Spain has created a new TR2 model, doubling its power and allowing for installation in locations that encounter very high temperatures.

The TR2 is a watertight luminaire with impact protection level 10 (IK10), water and dust penetration protection level 68 (IP68) and with a 5mm thick methacrylate body. The luminaire is watertight, robust, and well designed, which makes it ideal for use industrial kitchens. Despite the existence of a model for use in locations where temperatures reach up to 80 °C, the choice was limited to one 58W tube. At Airfal we wanted this fixture to be able to light up locations where temperatures can reach 80 °C with 2×36 and 2x58W power options.

In the face of this new challenge for the technical department and the laboratory, several issues came to light. Due to the high temperatures that the TR2 model reaches, it could only use electromagnetic components, as electronic components would not stand the heat. At the same time, two fluorescent tubes could not be used, as they would also exceed the temperature reached even by the electromagnetic equipment, and the main body of the luminaire would also melt.

After a number of studies and tests, two fluorescent tubes were successfully installed, along with electrical components, in order to double its power. In order to achieve this solution, the fluorescent tubes and the electrical components were separated. In this way we managed to achieve a double-bodied single luminaire joined by a cable.

The first of the aforementioned bodies contains two fluorescent tubes, which doubles the lighting power. This is joined to the second body, in which the luminaire components are found, by a thermal cable. This separation allows for the installation of the florescent tubes on the inside part of the industrial hood, leaving the special electronic components for extreme environments on the outside. In this way, the equipment is not exposed to such high temperatures, and the heated area is lit without any risk of overheating.

Airfal, from Aragon in Spain, is known for complete manufacture of all the lighting fixtures that it produces at its own facilities. This allows for products to be customised, as well as being able to adapt to individual customer needs, and to the lighting market as a whole.